I’m a Columnist for Bold Favor Magazine #Dating

I’m a Columnist for Bold Favor Magazine #Dating

I have some exciting news. Did you know that I am now a dating columnist for Bold Favor Magazine? Yay! Known as “The Love Mama” I am very excited to share various dating stories and giving advice to a few of my own readers who often email me with their dating dilemmas.

With 16 K plus followers on IG and growing you have to check this magazine out! The 2016 issue of Bold Favor Magazine is here and it’s the best issue yet! See my ad and latest relationship column where I’m giving one of my readers some juicy dating advice in this issue, you don’t want to miss it! Make sure you click this link to view FREE View Bold Favor Mag for Free and you can subscribe here Subscribe to Bold Favor Mag Here

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Here’s a snap shot of my latest column in Bold Favor Magazine. It’s not the highest quality photo so make sure you visit this link to view the entire magazine and my column for FREE!
View Bold Mag FREE I look forward to speaking with you, working with you, working FOR you and helping you get everything it is you’ve been wanting for yourself.

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Here’s a snippet of a letter from Bold Favor Magazines Editor at Large Lynita Mitchell Blackwell.

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