Alexis Nicole White Wants YOU To Stop Hiding Behind Your Cover! #Dating #TheCovered

Alexis Nicole White Wants YOU To Stop Hiding Behind Your Cover! #Dating #TheCovered

Alexis Nicole White Wants YOU To Stop Hiding Behind Your Cover! #Dating #TheCovered

Check out a snippet of my write up on the amazingly talented Alexis Nicole White who I had the honor of interviewing for the magazine I write for BOLD Favor Magazine You can also read the full article for free by visiting the site and guess what??? You can order it in print!

It’s a beautiful Wednesday evening as me and Author of the new book “The Covered” Alexis Nicole White sat down to talk about her book. I was interested in knowing more about what “The Covered” means? I was also intrigued with the many hats this triple threat wears. She’s not only an author she’s a speaker, writer, journalist, entrepreneur and mother. One of the things that stood out for me during the interview was, if you look at Alexis, you would assume she lived a perfect life. You would assume she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, that she had no worries and issues or bad day, failed relationships s or a struggling past. You would never have imagined that she has been homeless, mistreated and emotionally abused. You would ever have thought she ever suffered from self-esteem issues or that she had this very dark story about her past inside. I know I was very surprised yet impressed. Impressed by the lady who was sitting in front of me. She was not a quitter, she did not give up nor did she allow life’s setbacks to stop her vision. Alexis Nicole White is an inspirer, she is a survivor a visionary and she is sharing her story with us.

Tinzley: Hello Alexis, tell us more about “The Covered.” Would you say your book is all about your life story or partly about you and your life story? What inspired the title?

Alexis: Hello there Tinzley, “The Covered” is an illustration of how you can do everything right and still be in the wrong places at the wrong times; so it is very testimonial and educational. It’s about people just like me and how we cover our emotions, we cover our feelings on when we’re going through things. We don’t want to let people get to know us because we’re covering up and concealing what we’re going through. Whether it’s depression, feeling lonely, sad about your dating life or whatever it is. I definitely want to unravel those masks we wear as we try to hide because we are ashamed to feel that way. The Covered also represents Gods voice He is our protector and He covers us all the time. When we go through things, we don’t see the blessings because we’ve been living behind a closed door for so long, we don’t want anyone to know what’s really going on with us, but God kept us covered through it all. The Covered means many things. I want to promote more transparency because we all go through things and should never be ashamed……..

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“We have all had some tough times in our lives and I have had my share of low points in my life. I’m not someone who just came up off of a relationships or someone who sold myself just to have a check every month. We see it all the time in today’s world women marry into money and from there have been able to start their own things and from there many have gone on off with their careers. I’m just the opposite, I’ve worked the $11.00 an hour jobs, I’ve been homeless before, I’ve had transportation issues. I’ve lived in a motel with roaches, I’ve lived in a one room efficiency with three other people so I have definitely experienced some struggles to become who I am today. My book The Covered is to uplift, inspire and show those who have had a rough past how to overcome. I did it! “

Alexis is using her story of struggle, hardships, brokenness and low points to inspire others to no longer hide behind their tough times but to speak up and share their testimony so that they can become free from the bondage of their past.

DETERMINATION! This is one of the words Alexis used to describe how she made it through, how she bounced back, how she never gave up on her life and how you can do the same. It’s time to remove the covers and become the person you were created to be! How determined are you?

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