Single ladies, do you find yourself trying to make excuses for his actions? He never really shows you he’s interested, he doesn’t make time for you, he texts you occasionally saying you’re beautiful and a good woman, but does nothing to make you feel that way, he has never gone on a real date with you, nor has he given any signs he even plans on ever going anywhere with you, you’re not in the “know” with him, he totally ignores your flirts yet you seem to feel there has to be something there? Here is your wake up call: “GIRL WAKE UP, HE’S NOT INTERESTED!” there I said it so now what’s your defense?

Think like a lady and stop making excuses for his actions.

When are we as women going to stop blocking ourselves from a real man who’s not afraid to commit and who’s not afraid to show you he is interested in you and he does want you? For one this guy who probably hasn’t even called you today right? It’s really not complicated. I had a conversation the other day with a friend of mine and she had a valid point when she said, females need to realize that a lot of men just don’t know what to do or how to do it when it comes to being in a relationship or trying to be in a relationship and it’s up to us females to either accept it and try to mold these grown a– men into the guy we’d like him to be, or we can not accept it and choose to remain single. Me I choose the latter and my reason is, Why should we as females always have to be the ones playing mama? When a guy really wants a certain car he does his homework, finds the best deal, then goes to get it and worships it like it’s Quasi God or something, I’m talking the kit and the stereo down to the rims and the built in play station. When a guy really wants the new “Jordon’s” he’ll stop at nothing to make those new sneaks his own. Finally, when a guy really wants a certain girl, yes he’ll do everything within reason to impress her and to get her so guess what, if he’s not working to get you, he’s not interested! No Excuse!

 Stop over analyzing, if he said it he meant it.

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If he’s not interested then he’s not interested! We females seem to analyze way too much, I was speaking with someone I know the other day and she said females tend to over think into what his actions really mean. For example, if a guy says he just wants to be friends, we are thinking we can somehow change his mind and make him fall madly in love with us. Guess what, it don’t work like that anymore. The love and basketball child hood friends turned lovers days are over. If he said he just wants to be friends then that’s what he meant, and me personally; I don’t need anymore friends so see ya! Why do we think we can just change his mind? It’s so tiring trying to force this guy to like you for more than he does, why stress yourself out like that? Just say okay and leave him be. Friendship happens overtime and is nothing that can be appointed by someone, so what does he really mean when he says he just wants to be friends? That is the question!

Move on, he clearly is. 

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Okay so why do you just keep on texting him, flirting with him, saying cute little things to him, telling him you hope he has a good day when you really don’t give a s—? Why are you doing this to yourself? He doesn’t want you remember? He could care less about your text but will play along with you just in case what he’s really interested in doesn’t work out, you’ll be his back up, rainy day chic! Just stop it already! He seems to be doing just fine without you in his life so when are you going to stop punishing yourself with false hope and just move on? He clearly has? Ladies stop making excuses for these grown men who by now should know what they want and if it’s not you then get over him and keep it moving, he seems to be!

I just have to say what’s so different about what he’s gone through as a youngster and what you’ve gone through as a youngster? He has emotional baggage, you have emotional baggage so why does his emotional baggage get a reason behind it and we’re supposed to just deal with it because well, that’s how men are? Sorry Charlie but if I have to grow up and act like a mature adult then so do you and that means that you need to care enough to try to find out what women like as much as we do. I speak from experience and it’s really gotten old! Ladies, say bye bye to him, life is too relevant to waste your time on a clueless excuse maker!!

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