Behind the Beauty Retreat

Behind the Beauty Retreat

Behind the Beauty Retreat



Hello everyone I’m back after a while of not doing much blogging. Ugh!! I’ve been so busy lately and just haven’t had the time but I wanted to share one of my most recent speaking engagements with you. I had the honor of being one of 8 amazing speakers at the 2018 Behind the Beauty Retreat by founder Tenisha Bibbs. My assigned topic was “Living a Purposed Focused Life.” One of the biggest things I spoke on was our need to not allow any distractions to keep us from our greater purpose. See the relationships you’re in and the people you are dating should be just as excited about your dreams and passion as you are. You will be surprised how many of us have allowed the company we are keeping to be the main reason we aren’t truly reaching our purpose. Enjoy the short clip below and remember, you have got to stop settling for any old treatment in your life. You deserve so much more!  Are you with someone who doesn’t realize that you are more than a pretty face? Does the person you’re with every day of your life know that you have a purpose? Are they truly supportive of what you’re trying to accomplish? If not then you need to start asking yourself and them, Why Are They There? You have to stay focused on your goals not trying to make a relationship work!


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