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Are You Just a Link in His Chain of Fools?

Ladies let me ask you something, If a guy has already shown you countless amounts of times that you’re just his escape when he needs sex, isn’t it time you start believing him?

Yes he will disguise it as love, but hasn’t he said those things before? You fall for it again, he gets your sex, then bam he barely calls or text you after the act. Then you feel like a link in his chain of fools! Let’s keep it real, a man who loves and respects you will make sure he shows you consistently! (Notice I said respects you?) He won’t play that childish game of who called who first, Nope he will want to make sure he keeps your attention, that’s if he really cares.

Did you know that when you’re being loved the right way, you move differently? I mean your decision making is better, your business is booming, your innovative juices are flaming and your love life is all of that!

Don’t you want to experience a love that impacts the way you move in a GOOD way? Weed out them Bustas!! Click the link and sign up for my Settlefree Online Training Course! A $15 investment can save you from wasting your time on the wrong guy! You’ll be glad you did! Go ahead, sign up today!

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You can also order my book “The Settlefree Dating Method for Women”

Today I empower you to take your power back! You are more than enough and you deserve the best love has to offer!

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