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Find out what living a Settlefree Dating Life is all about! Here's one hint NEXT!

Think about it. Are you dealing with relationships that just don't fit who you are? You owe it to yourself to be happy!

What is Settlefree Dating?

What is settle-free dating you ask? Settle-free dating is when you are paying close attention to the signs of foolery and eliminating it in the early stages of dating. It means that you know your worth and you know what you are looking for in a mate and you are refusing to settle for less than the best that love has to offer. Many people view this as being judgmental or being too hard n a man, but trust me it’s not and if you read a copy on my book you will learn that I don’t dis-credit every single man who has one or two imperfections or flaws. We all have flaws and none of us are perfect.

My message is for those jokers, busters, and fools out here in the dating world trying to get a dime when they ain’t even a nickel, out here having ” relations” pretending to want a serious commitment but his actions say different, out here married trying to make you a chic on the side, out here with three and four kids not even trying to be a father yet trying to date you.. NEXT!!! This is what settle free is all about! You are nexting guys who clearly can’t and won’t make the cut and you’re doing it fast!  Not after you get too attached with his swag, because lets face it, there are some very attractive busters out here in the world I call them players posing as gentlemen. They will woo you just enough to make you let your guards down and you will start to fall for them and their BS and instead of stopping it early, you’ll keep allowing it because you’re in too deep. You’ll see the signs, but you will ignore them because he is so good in bed, or because he bought you a flip burger and a milkshake after standing you up two nights in a row, or because he texted you a good morning message and added a smiley face emoji after not texting or calling you for nearly a week! STOP IT I SAY! That’s NOT a relationship and settlefree dating is how it has to be! We must eliminate all the uncertainties and questions because we should be very certain about what and who we want!

This short film/ book trailer on settle-free dating is one of my biggest and proudest accomplishments and I can see this going far! In today’s world, women are dealing with men who are leaning on us to be the bread winners, and take care of them while they do little to nothing in the relationship. I know love is and should be a two way street and don’t get it twisted I support real love 100% and know there may be times when the man has done a lot in the relationship and for what ever reason he’s now going through a temporary setback. In a case like this, assuming he is already in a committed relationship I can totally get why his woman/ wife would jump in to help as he gets back on his feet. That’s a sign of loyalty and real love and I can dig it, but when you just went on two dates or less, and dude is asking you to let him move in, or asking you to borrow $400 for an X-Box, or showing up on a date with his underwear showing then WE HAVE A PROBLEM!!  Enjoy this film and remember…#Settlefree

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