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Do You Have Staying Power? Couples and Quarantine!

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While some couples are making babies, others are making divorce and separation plans according to various news sources circulating the internet right now!

I did a live video Sunday about quarantined couples survival during the corona virus pandemic it said:

“What are your thoughts of the impact of Corona Virus and relationships? Some couples just may not pass the test!! Imagine having to see the person you’ve been running from or avoiding EVERYDAY during the quarantine!

While this pandemic will bring some closer, in reality, Some couples depend on going to work everyday so they can cheat or see that boo on the side. Now what are they gone do?? What’s your thoughts?”

Well it looks like many are not surviving based on recent articles circulating on the web about the increase in the divorce rate during the social distancing that has led to couples constantly being home together daily! This is one of the main reasons I’m doing a Settlefree Dating Online Training Course because we must begin to assess every angle of our potential mate! I share helpful tips that will help you avoid wasting your time when choosing a mate during the dating and relationship building process. You will be able to better select a mate based on more than the physical attraction or the mere infatuation of being in a relationship. You will be able to select a mate by not only using your heart, but by using you head. Couples are truly being tested! Is marriage really through the good times and bad? It should be right? Not so much for some! The question of the day is, Do You Have Staying Power? Has quarantine brought you closer? Or has it pushed you further apart? Why?

A few articles mention that even well off celebrity couples are filing for divorce due to the drop in their finances while on lock down with their spouses. They just can’t stand this type of pressure!

So how will my Settlefree Dating Online Training Course add value to the lives of current and future couples? It will help shed some much needed light on the dark parts that often go unnoticed when choosing the right guy.

It can be very tough to commit and stay with the same person for the rest of your life! I mean that means forever ever right!!! So how do you pick a mate whose got your back even through some of the toughest times like being quarantined together? There is a process for this believe it or not and you have the power to seek and find that thing that will iron out any confusion or uncertainty in the person you are considering to be with for the rest of your life! As we move forward in life and hopefully this corona virus outbreak begins to fade, we will take the time to be more patient with both ourselves and the people we love, but how? That is the question! My book “The Settlefree Dating Method for Women” is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Order your copy today and start learning how to date Settlefree style and increase your staying power!

Post by Tinzley Bradford

I‘m a Speaker, Journalist, Author and Settlefree Dating Coach.

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