Elegance at it's Finest! Impeccable Designs By Faith Was Everything We Need!

Updated: May 22, 2019

Settlefree TV was in the building along with Toyin Fadina of Two Cameras and a Brush at A Night of Elegance Gala presented by Impeccable Designs By Faith and elegant it was. From the top of the line decor done by Founder "Faith" to the gorgeous evening gowns, suits, style and fashion, this event was one that you just had to be there and need to make sure you do not miss the next one!

The main purpose of this event was for Faith to showcase her beautiful event planning skills and boy did she show up and show out!! Faith did not disappoint with her event decor, nor did she disappoint with her slay!(check out the photo below to see the venue) Dressed in an all while gown with a gorgeous long train, Faith did not come to play! She looked stunning, as she rocked her short pixie cut, beat face and beautiful physique!

I had the opportunity to chat with her about how she got started and what makes her so passionate about this business. She spoke about how she started very young at her home with her mom and has always had an eye for decor. She'd take a simple plain space, and transform it into an amazing jaw dropping space! If you're looking for the bomb event planner, you should definitely book Impeccable designs By Faith! Can I also add that she was the one who was responsible for my beautiful decor at my last Settlefree Mixer and for those of you who know me, you know I only go for the best and refuse to settle for less! Thanks Faith!

Walking in her true purpose this event was definitely a night of elegance! This is a reminder to never ever settle in life and miss your true calling. The decisions you make can make or break your future which is why settling is NOT an option! I speak about living a Settlfree life because I used to be the person who allowed bad behavior in my life and I just settled for it because I felt some attention was better than no attention plus I didn't want to be alone. I look at people who bet on themselves and chose to pursue their passions as Faith has done. You have to see the end result even through the dark periods and most importantly if you find yourself in an unhappy place, refuse to settle and stay stuck there. There is a life filled with abundance waiting for you, but you have to believe you can reach it! Thanks or allowing SettlefreeTV to cover this event.

Follow Faith on Instagram at Impeccable Designs By Faith and make sure you don't miss her next event! Enjoy a few photos below shot by Two Cameras and a Brush.

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