Founders Re-brand UNOIA CBD

Have you heard about UNOIA? Well I have, and on Wednesday, in Atlanta Ga. at the Bailey Wine Cellar, I was honored to cover the Relaunch of UNOIA (Which stands for “Beautiful Thinking.”) The founders believe UNOIA puts you at ease and provides mental health and mindfulness, but does not have the mind-altering effects of marijuana or certain pharmaceutical drugs.

Unoia is an Atlanta based CBD company.

It was established in Atlanta, Georgia by founders, Brandé Elise and Danielle Gray in June 2019. Their company took off pretty fast once the city learned about their signature CBD honey and CBD agave products. In April 2020, the company rebranded and expanded its product line to include CBD oral drops, CBD Muscle Relief, CBD Soothing Salve, CBD Pet Treats and Tinctures. Now how dope is that?? CBD for your pet?

We started off enjoying refreshments, sipping on wine, and enjoying the vibes. It was a very intimate setting as founders Brandé Elise and Danielle Gray made their way in to present in front of the group of media only attendees. Surrounded by tons of wine which I can indulge in all day, we listened to the journey, history and evolution of UNOIA. We watched their official commercial (see photos below) it was refreshing to see them in action.

Brandi and Danielle spoke about how they came up with the idea of running the only Black Owned CBD company in Atlanta. They shared how Brandi Elise who is also an amazing voice over artist and media personality came up with the CBD Honey and the CBD Agave. These are one of their best sellers and might I add, they are both awesome. You can just drop it in your tea and enjoy. Yes they also contain THC free CBD.

Danielle who is a marketing guru and graphics design artist, created and designed the UNOIA Brand packaging, promo and website graphics which is phenomenal and something we rarely see in a Founder. She mentioned how important it is to know just how much talent you hold inside of you. She shared that she never thought she would have been the designer for their now very hi-demand CBD products. Their products have been supported by Entrepreneur Kandi Burris and Public Figure MiMi Faust to name a few. I personally have tried the CBD oil from UNOIA and one of the things that stood out was how light it is and the yummy peach taste and aroma it has. I wanted to know how they came up with the idea to make the CBD oil taste like peach. Check out the clip below.

"Although many companies promote the medical benefits of CBD, we rather focus on the mindfulness it provides." - Founders of UNOIA -Brandé Elise and Danielle Gray

So just what can you use UNOIA for? Below are a few recommendations from the founders.

  • Before meditation and yoga

  • After a workout

  • Before your day begins

  • During traffic jams

  • During high anxiety moments

What Makes Unoia Different? (Quoted from website)

"We are more than just a CBD company, we are a team of beautiful thinkers committed to creating a better, more beautiful world internally and externally. We do a few things differently."

Here's what makes UNOIA different:

  • We intensely train our sales team about CBD and how it can affect the body.

  • We give a 'Love Offering' to a deserving charity every quarter.

  • We provide mental health resources to help customers achieve 'beautiful thinking'

  • We provide access to education for our customers to learn more about CBD.

  • We care... really, really care about your mental and physical wellness.

I can say wholeheartedly that trying this particular CBD Product has improved my anxiety while driving. I was recently a victim of a hit and run accident and I have been traumatized ever since. Driving has become something that I was too afraid and nervous to do. I’d be looking in the review mirror, always thinking someone is about to hit me, I have had heart palpitations while driving and after multiple doctor visits, I knew I needed something natural to calm my anxiety. The doctors wanted to put me on meds but I just did not want to depend on meds to control my anxiety while driving. I ordered UNOIA and I have noticed a tremendous difference in my level of calm whole behind the wheel driving. CBD is not weed and it does not get you high because of it did, I would not be using it.

There are many benefits of this CBD oil to learn more make sure you visit

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