Good Morning America Made My Birthday GREAT!

Pictured with Robin Roberts Yay! I met Rock'n Robin!

I wanted to do something a little different this year for my birthday. On 1/24/1972 I was blessed with life! Happy Birthday to Me!! Woo Hoo! I decided to use my invitation as a VIP studio audience guest member, to fly to New York City (NYC) and attend a live taping of Good Morning America! This was huge for me as this is a show that I dream to someday be on as a segment guest being interviewed about my Settlefree Dating Method and Lifestyle book. ( Yes I'm planting that seed)

I had the honor to meet Robin Roberts (A.K.A. Rock'n Robin!) Do I even need to write anything else? He He He! First let me highlight the fact that she is beautiful in person and when Robin came out to set up and start filming the segment, she made it her business to acknowledge me with a genuine smile, a wave and kind words as she sat down she looked at me and said " You worked to get here!" I smiled like a kid in a candy store and said yes I did! Do you know how that made me feel? She is a voice of reason and a breath of fresh air at the same time! It was a priceless moment! I was on the front row by the way!

The Entire Good Morning America Experience was one I will always remember. They really have it together up there and ya girl was impressed! From me standing in the VIP line outside as they rapidly checked ID's and verified who was who, to being escorted with love into the studio by their amazing staff, to the handbag and coat check and then finally, being seated in the studio audience! Where I met two new friends who happened to be visiting the show from Ga. as well. Now how coincidental was that? Hey Sienna and your sister!! Yal added joy to my day! Thank you! We were all on the front row! BAM! In your face!!