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Good Morning America Made My Birthday GREAT!

Pictured with Robin Roberts Yay! I met Rock'n Robin!

I wanted to do something a little different this year for my birthday. On 1/24/1972 I was blessed with life! Happy Birthday to Me!! Woo Hoo! I decided to use my invitation as a VIP studio audience guest member, to fly to New York City (NYC) and attend a live taping of Good Morning America! This was huge for me as this is a show that I dream to someday be on as a segment guest being interviewed about my Settlefree Dating Method and Lifestyle book. ( Yes I'm planting that seed)

I had the honor to meet Robin Roberts (A.K.A. Rock'n Robin!) Do I even need to write anything else? He He He! First let me highlight the fact that she is beautiful in person and when Robin came out to set up and start filming the segment, she made it her business to acknowledge me with a genuine smile, a wave and kind words as she sat down she looked at me and said " You worked to get here!" I smiled like a kid in a candy store and said yes I did! Do you know how that made me feel? She is a voice of reason and a breath of fresh air at the same time! It was a priceless moment! I was on the front row by the way!

The Entire Good Morning America Experience was one I will always remember. They really have it together up there and ya girl was impressed! From me standing in the VIP line outside as they rapidly checked ID's and verified who was who, to being escorted with love into the studio by their amazing staff, to the handbag and coat check and then finally, being seated in the studio audience! Where I met two new friends who happened to be visiting the show from Ga. as well. Now how coincidental was that? Hey Sienna and your sister!! Yal added joy to my day! Thank you! We were all on the front row! BAM! In your face!!

Hey Sienna and your sister!! Aren't they just adorable??

Look, It's the Good Morning America Sign guiding us to the studio! Woo Hoo!

The energy was all the way live and guess who was selected to stand before the studio audience with this amazing fella Tom Kelly and search for me a man?? This Girl! Yeah I said it right, I was searching for me a man on GMA! LOL Okay you might be thinking search for you a man??? What do you men by that Tinzley and how'd you get to do that on GMA? Well let me further elaborate. In between commercials, Tom Kelly the studio audience host, told me I had the best energy in the building representing Atlanta baby. Upon asking me what I do, I advised him I'm an Author and he asked what I write about, I told him relationships and dating! He then asked if I was single and ofcoarse I said yes. Well that's when it all went down. It was so much fun and I wish I had footage or photos to share with you but trust me it was all that!! I had the chance to Judge four different men who were selected from the studio audience to do a runway model walk in hopes of winning my heart and becoming my boo! The only thing is three were too young and the other one was let's just say " Not My Type!" Good effort Tom! Now that I think about it, maybe I should have gone with that cool "Bieber" kid. LOL

The Show line up was AWESOME!! So here's an interesting fact. About a week before my GMA visit, I saw a very inspirational video circulating online of this guy who was dancing and sharing motivational messages within his video. It stood out to me as I was having a tough time and needed to be uplifted so I shared it on my page. So on the day of my Good Morning America visit, while in the studio, I learn that this guy name Donte Colley was one of the guests being interviewed on the show. I had no idea he was on the line up. Wow! To have the chance to listen to his humble spirit and watch him perform his magic in person was everything I needed and only added more joy to my birthday! I think it's amazing to learn that Robin Roberts was the one who discovered him and recommended him for the show. Great person! Check out his clip below, it will inspire you! Note: I was on the front row so I know Donte was probably checking me out. No way he could miss all this flyness! LOL!

Donte Colley Chatting with Robin Roberts and Michael Strahan

The Lovely and beautiful Anne Hathaway who I just adore was in the building talking about her new movie "Serenity"with the hottie Matthew McConaughey. Disclaimer, Anne is rocking a blonde wig in the thriller. Should be interesting to see! She was very poised and her fashion was simply fly! I think Anne may have glanced at my necklace, I'm pretty certain she did. If you want one Anne, I got you!! Keep in mind, I was on the front row so I know what I'm talking about!

Anne Hathaway talking with Michael Strahan

We enjoyed entertainment from English singer/songwriter Jess Glynne. I really loved her style and she has a rather unique sound. I was right there on the front row so I saw it all.

Seen here in this photo with Robin Roberts and Lara Spencer. Thank you Lara for the compliment on my rocking outfit and jewelry. I felt special and you are gorgeous!!

Jess Glynne, Robin Roberts and Lara Spencer

I always love to create excitement around the things I experience especially when I believe it can and will inspire others. When you're living a settlefree life, you push hard to reach your dreams. You don't just settle in unhappy or unfulfilling places in life, love, friendships, career choices or health. Settlefree means you will do the WORK to get to where you're trying t be. It means you're not okay with mediocre treatment, or bad behavior of any kind and you will not welcome it into your life nor will you settle for it! I am speaking this into existence because I do believe in my settlefree message. I Will Someday Be a Guest On the Good Morning America Show sharing my settlefree message with the world being interviewed by the one and only Robin Roberts!

I won't be sharing staff members names because I don't want them being bombarded with emails, but thanks to everyone (you know who you are) who made this happen! Remember when you refuse to settle for less, you receive the BEST!!

Enjoy my behind the scenes experience of GMA! Keep in mind..... I was on the front row so I got all the tea!! Thank you Good Morning America!!

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