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Ministry and Business With Pastor Olu brown!

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Me Pictured With Impact Church Pastor Olu Brown

SettlefreeTV is super excited to share this feature with you all. I highlight people who have refused to settle for less than they know they deserve, taken risks, and are winning! Pastor Olu Brown has definitely done that. Pastor Brown is an Author and Founding Pastor of Impact Church. He's also an entrepreneur who has grown Impact Church to become the 5th fastest-growing United Methodist church in the U.S., he has a mind for both business and the bible at the same time! In 12 years, he's turned a 25-person group into a 4,000-strong church with a $4M budget. Now THAT'S Settlefree!

I had the chance to meet and chat with Pastor Brown because I wanted to learn and share with others the importance of change and growth within the church and how Olu Brown is running a church like a CEO would run a business. He speaks on the importance of the universal truths entrepreneurs should understand in growing and managing a successful business:

· Build internal systems around people and technology – you must be able to evolve the way people and technology constantly evolve.

· Raise capital with the mindset that “people give to people” If they can’t believe in you, they’ll never believe in your product/service.

· Create scalable infrastructure that will support your business’ future growth and change.

· Staff smart - Hiring the wrong “inexpensive” person can cost you more than hiring the right “high salary” person.

· Prioritize personal development - An organization will only grow as its leader grows.

Pastor Olu Brown Founding Pastor Impact Church

I was blown away with this system because not to be critical, but I'm sure we can all agree there are so many churches who simply don't get it! They are stuck in the past doing traditional stuff that is not permeating growth! They are afraid of change and they are extremely judgmental of anyone doing things deemed not acceptable in the eyes of the "Church!" I loved how Brown said Impact Church "Does Church Differently!" I wanted to know how they do church differently and when asked, Brown said they welcome all types of people, cultures, genders and beliefs. Now this has come with criticism because we all know how easy it is to look down on certain people many may deem not church worthy. As the leader of Impact church, Brown knows how to recognize those who are a good fit, open to change and ready to take things to the next level with him, and those who may not be a good fit and are stuck in the past. Pastor Brown knows how to let people grow as well as let people go which is crucial to the success of any business. " You have to staff the right people, yes even in the church." Brown advised. You all know I'm all about that settlefree lifestyle and I praise anyone who refuses to settle with the same old thing and instead chose to walk in their purpose.

Pastor Brown spoke about not settling and he believes that if he had settled where he was before taking the leap and moving to Ga, he knows he wouldn't be where he is today. He talked about the importance of organizations such as churches no longer settling for outdated technology in the church and for them to start taking advantage of what's going to help them evolve. He calls it investing in technology needed to level up!

"Olu Brown, author and founding pastor of Impact Church in Atlanta, has provided timely wisdom on church management and leadership in his latest books 4D Impact: Smash Barriers Like a Smart Church and Leadership Directions from Moses: On the Way to a Promised Land. "

Brown believes there are four critical areas of 21st century church ministry that should be examined: culture, hospitality, worship, and technology. In 4D Impact, Brown shares stories of success and failure from Impact Church's ongoing journey and offers diagnostic tools to help you determine if your church is healthy or in need of a reboot. He spoke highly on how he uses technology to run his church like a business. Enjoy our full interview below where Brown goes deeper on how he's been able to accomplish so much and what he did to grow the church.

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