How to Communicate Effectively in Online Dating.

Updated: Oct 31

Men, I’m going to just sit this conversation right here. (See screen shot below.) THIS is a Huge NO NO! ☝🏾 I really need for yal to do better!

What is this a photo of you might be asking? Well it’s the actual conversation over a five day period from a guy who appeared to be interested in me I guess??? Here’s a quick back story, so recently I joined a dating site for two reasons, to gain knowledge on how great or poor the dating site is and do a feature on it, and to hopefully meet me a boo! Ayyyyyeee! But mens poor ability to actually spark a conversation is giving me childlike, insecure, weak vibes. And if he’s reaching out to me, why do I have to bare the burden of carrying the conversation? I mean huh? He messaged me right? 🤷🏽‍♀️

As you see in the screen shot, he started off with “Hey there beautiful.” I felt that was nice and I even responded saying “Heyyyy there” showing my enthusiasm , but it all went down hill from there? Why you may ask, well it’s because each day after that, he said the same similar thing and nothing else. I mean what was he wanting with me, to see how effective I was at saying hello each day? Needless to say, this led me to believe one of two things: Eith