If They Were Black! The Mob Attack on the US Capital a Disgrace!

Updated: Jan 12

Header image describes, Several officers arresting one unarmed black protester at a past protest after the untimely death of Eric Garner some years ago. This guy NEVER ransacked the US Capital or killed a police officer during an angry raid, he was simply protesting peacefully.

Angry Racist Trump Supporters Ransacking the US Capital

If they were black they would have all been shot and killed on the spot. If they were black there would have been National Guards blocking the entrance with shields and guns. If they were black, they would have been beaten, handcuffed and dragged to jail. If they were black several cops would have pinned them to the ground and inflicted enough force so that they could no longer breathe. If they were black, they would have been pepper sprayed and tear gassed. If they were black!!! If they were black! What would have happened if they were black????

We heard this phrase all day as we all sat and watched an angry pack of Trump supporters ransack our US Democracy, violate our US Capital! It was reported that they left human boo boo in the Capital, they stole mail from the desk of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, they broke windows, busted through doors, they pulled federal documents out and threw them all over the building, and someone stole a podium???

So let me get this straight Eric Garner, a 43 year old black man who NEVER once stormed into a federal building was stopped for selling cigarettes, held down by several cops as he was being arrested he screamed ”I can’t breathe” several times but was killed through suffocation by the police? Yet the US Capital police let a dangerous mob raid the US Capital?

Let me be clear so Tamir Rice a 12 year old black child who NEVER went near the US Capital to storm it and who was outside playing with a toy gun like children do, was gunned down and killed by police officers?? Yet the US Capital police allowed a group of thugs to enter the building and steal a podium that belonged to House Speaker?

Run that by me again? So Breonna Taylor, a 26-year old black female emergency medical technician, who NEVER went to the US Capital and killed a police officer like the Trump Supporters did, was shot 8 times after police raided her apartment based on false information and killed her. She was an innocent woman minding her business! Yet the Trump supporters while raiding the US Capital, nearly crushed a police officer to death a lived to tell about it.

So just to get a better understanding, Michael Brown, an 18 year old unarmed black man was shot and killed by a group of police, officers because someone reported he stole a box of cigarettes?? (What’s up with police and cigarettes?)

George Floyd , a black man who NEVER once randscked the US Capital was arrested, and died after being held down by several police officers, one of whom had his knee on his neck and caused him to not be able to breathe.

I could go on and on for 30 more paragraphs of black people who were killed at the hands of corrupt, racist police officers who were looking for trouble, who could not wait to find some reason to arrest and kill a black person then try to justify it, but I’m sure you get the point I’m trying to make which is, the justice system is corrupt and has been for years!! The justice system does NOT work equally for everyone and it needs to STOP NOW!!

I’m not racist, I’m just calling it like I’m sure we ALL see it clear as day! Just look at the photos below!! This happened just blocks away from the White House! What would have happened if they were black?

I am outraged, I am disgusted, I feel betrayed, I feel angry, I feel discriminated against, I feel violated, I feel like some law enforcement officers were in on the attack and they chose how they wanted to police during the raid. I feel disrespected, I feel unheard, most of all, I feel sad! It’s the disrespect for me among other things that took place at the US Capital on Wednesday January 6. I mean these Trump supporters have lost their damn minds!! They went into the US Capital with a free pass given to them by many of the US Capital police who were seen on camera letting them in! If you don’t believe me, look at the video clip below, THEY LET THEM IN!!!! THEY LET THEM IN!!!!

So who is to blame for this hideous insurrection and attack on our US Democracy? It’s those who voted for Donald Trump, Those who support Donald Trump, The media who continued to cover up Donald Trumps lies and downplayed his hateful, racist and dangerous leadership style, the social media platforms who allowed him to publicly bully this entire Nation for years and every single member of Congress who did NOTHING for four years as they knowingly saw his erotic behavior grow worse and worse over the years and was a clear threat to this Country. They watched his silence during the constant police brutality and slayings of unarmed black people that was happening every single day. They saw him praise white supremacy, call them “Good people” and tell the Proud Boys to “Stand back and Stand by!” They did NOTHING to put an end to this and they are ALL to blame!!

It’s been reported on various news sources that this overly emotional rioter was apparently holding an onion in her towel and wiped the onion on her eyes to make it seem like she had been maced as she was storming the Capital. If she was black, there would be no interview, because she would have been cuffed and thrown on the ground heading to jail!! SMH!

Some might say well at least they are arresting them now, but they should have been arrested immediately!

They should have been shot, Just like Philando Castile , who was shot and killed by police while out driving with his girlfriend minding his business. He didn’t raid a US Capital or steal Nancy Pelosis mail, The only thing he did wrong was be born black. They were all born black.

Image shared from AL JAZEERA

So what do we do now? So where do we go now? By we I mean black people. Who can we trust to really have our backs and make sure we are ALL treated equal in this world? If I get attacked by an angry Trump Supporter, will I get arrested for trying to defend myself? I shouldn’t even have to worry about that oh but I do! I do! If they were black there would be more funerals than arrests.

Am I wrong for speaking so candidly about the event that took place and the clear double standards going on in this country? Should I just hush and stick to blogging about settlefree dating and relationships because I don’t want to jeopardize my “Brand?” Am I wrong?

We will keep on demanding equal treatment and a justice system who makes sure the police are really here to serve and protect. That’s what they signed up for!

I must ask, now that you read my post, now that you witnessed the mob that stormed the Capital, now that you saw everyone who participated pretty much walk away Scott free, what do YOU think would have happened If They Were Black?

Tinzley Bradford

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