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The Settlefree Ready for Love Speed Dating Mixer Was Sizzling “Hott!”

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Are you ready for love? I mean REALLY ready for love? If your answer is yes then you definitely should have been in the building at the Settlefree Ready for Love Speed Dating Mixer.

On Saturday, February 8, 2020 at Strong Box West a cozy little co-working spot in West Midtown Atlanta, the ready for love settle free speed dating mixer took place. This event was created by me Tinzley also known as YOUR Settlefree Dating Coach for fed up singles just like me looking for true love and tired of the games. Those looking to meet like-minded individuals who are tired of the “dating game” and who want to date intentionally, you know, date with a purpose, game free, grown professionals seeking true love. Nothing wrong with that right?

“My book The Settlefree Dating Method for Women, a no Nonesense Advice Guide” (Order your copy here) Gave the ladies important signs to look for to avoid choosing the wrong mate.” It has empowered women all around the world to make wiser dating choices by refusing to settle for less than they deserve and desire. “I want you to be in a happy place in your love life by paying attention to your mind, body and soul and the things you allow to enter into them. You don't have to settle in your love life or in any area of your life especially during the dating process.”

Now I will say, I have had my share of making poor dating decisions and I’m sure you can agree, loving the wrong man can be heartbreaking and emotionally draining. Men who wants the benefits, but not the commitment.

My mission with the speed dating mixer is to actually bring dating BACK! “ It seems no one wants to actually court anymore. Why not? Fellas just FYI, please stop the WYD text! Women are OVER it! 😡

It was an evening of sexy, beauty, masculinity, femininity, kings and queens just simply sitting down and having a decent, adult, mature, grown folks conversation.

Games, great food, live entertainment and deep conversations, it was definitely a night to remember!

My purpose for Creating this first ever of its kind Settlefree Ready for Love Speed Dating Mixer was because like many of those who attended, people are just tired of meeting people who are not certain about what it is they even want and are wasting their time! I know I am! Tired of meeting people you thought were serious and later learning they aren’t really serious about dating, building a healthy strong relationship, or being an overall good person in someone’s life. (It’s okay to start off as friends.) People are tired of meeting people who are just out there for themselves and are just in it for the  sex!

Yes I said it , they just want sex, they just want something to do while they are bored. Many of them are either already in a relationship with someone and they just wanna play around and have multiple partners and just keep having sex with whomever attracts them. They go in to these relationships and know they have no plans of wanting to settle down. They are just playing until the game comes to an end. And who has time for that these days?? What can anyone accomplish from just screwing all the time? At some point, you have to cancel people with that mediocre mindset and only date people who want what you want.

My other reason and main reason for having the settlefree Speed Dating Mixer was because there’s so many couples I’ve noticed in this world right now who are not happy with their mate! That’s right they either married the wrong person, never really loved that person, married because they had kids, or got with them because of life events, or fell out of love but either way you look at it…...They are not happy! I believe that allowing adult professionals who happen to be single, to come out and learn how to date, learn how to dress, learn what to say and how to say it, have genuine heartfelt conversations and truly get to know the person you're engaging with, will improve their confidence in future dates. This is something that society as a whole seems to have lost! Everyone wants instant results for what they are looking for! They don’t want to bond, they don’t care what people are doing for real, they don’t care how people are doing, they just want some sex, or some fun, and to for fill their overall needs! This saddens me be sista I really want to see people in a thriving and loving relationship, including me! I personally refuse to settle for being in a relationship with a man who never really wanted me to begin with! I am worthy to be loved from head to toe, and so are you!

This Ready for love settle free speed dating,mixer allowed grown and sexy professionals looking for something real, the opportunity to find it. The conversations allowed people to weed out the BS and really get to know people, exchange phone numbers, try to create a friendship have a healthy relationship and who knows where it could go from there?

One of the things I’ve noticed a lot these days is people want the benefits but they no longer want the commitment! My goodness why are you even here? If you’re not interested in truly creating something special with someone special for the rest of your life or at least build a long lasting relationship, why are you here? And why should we be expected to entertain you? If you are not bringing what we need to make us smile, eliminate stress and get us excited, then why in the hell are you here? (Sorry, I lost my emotions for a second!) I take dating seriously!

Are you dating intentionally or are you just out here playing games? That is a question!

I brought some amazing people as my special guest to help people whip their love life into shape and hopefully give them some insight that they could walk away and apply to their dating world.

Actress and Talk Show host Cher’e Turner

Celebrity Stylelist Cashe Royal

Prince-man Founder Jay De-Robinson

The attendees really enjoyed the helpful tips and loved the play dating scenes. Finally, it was time to meet a potential mate. Time to speed date!

The conversations were real! The conversations got deep and the men and women just enjoyed each other’s energy.

We were created to love each other and meet the man or woman of our dreams. Relationships really don’t have to be complicatedEd, you just have to choose wisely and be honest with what you’re seeking. We have got to get back to connecting on a deeper level and actually caring about people’s feelings. Stop leading people on. For many, finding true love means a lot. If you’re ready for love, I mean really ready for love then date intentionally, spot your Queen, and never let her go! #Settlefree

Special Thanks to my awesome celebrity MUA Nickey Martin

InDustreets with Tina B and Mr.Outley-Media

Bell Room Catering

DJ Vincent

Cammi Tappin -performer

David is Life -performwe

Thanks To Beloved and Brian Walters for the awesome post Event video feedback.

If you haven’t tasted Beloved Sweets, it is a must! Thanks for my mini pie it was soooo good!

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