The Intentional Fast With The LIT Journalist! Tony Betton

So one of my fellow Journalist connections who I also consider a friend, invited me along with others to partake in a one week fast. The purpose was to refresh our minds amid all the negative things going on in our Country today. We need to hear God loud and clear! That’s right Tony Betton JR. a.k.a. ”The LIT Journalist” and also News Anchor/Producer for ABC21_WTPA called for a one week fast which he named #DailyDevotionalTogetherFast and I wanted to share my journey and let you all know just how a fast can and will improve your quality of life.


YOU HAVE TO BE INTENTIONAL! Also please note: This post is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by ABC21_WTPA News, its a feature about journalist Tony Betton.

Sigh... So the details of the fast weren’t too tough, no meat only fish and soup, eliminate one form of entertainment, not so tough, but He said no alcohol!!! again I repeat, but he said no alcohol 👀👀 and let me be transparent here, your girl enjoys an occasional “Wine” down during her week! 🍷🍷 Lol but this was necessary, so I made the sacrifice and I’m glad I did it! And yes, I went the ENTIRE week with no wine! Whew Child!

Talking about living a Settlefree Life, Tony‘s not your typical journalist. He refuses to allow his brand to only report the news and provide entertainment celebrity interviews, he uses his platform to do Gods work to the fullest and he continues to keep God popular! He is the voice of reason that this world needs especially during times like this! His upbeat spirit, bright smile and genuine heart brings you a level of calm like no other. When I tune in, I instantly sense the presence of God and I know, that’s exactl