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The Intentional Fast With The LIT Journalist! Tony Betton

So one of my fellow Journalist connections who I also consider a friend, invited me along with others to partake in a one week fast. The purpose was to refresh our minds amid all the negative things going on in our Country today. We need to hear God loud and clear! That’s right Tony Betton JR. a.k.a. ”The LIT Journalist” and also News Anchor/Producer for ABC21_WTPA called for a one week fast which he named #DailyDevotionalTogetherFast and I wanted to share my journey and let you all know just how a fast can and will improve your quality of life.


YOU HAVE TO BE INTENTIONAL! Also please note: This post is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by ABC21_WTPA News, its a feature about journalist Tony Betton.

Sigh... So the details of the fast weren’t too tough, no meat only fish and soup, eliminate one form of entertainment, not so tough, but He said no alcohol!!! again I repeat, but he said no alcohol 👀👀 and let me be transparent here, your girl enjoys an occasional “Wine” down during her week! 🍷🍷 Lol but this was necessary, so I made the sacrifice and I’m glad I did it! And yes, I went the ENTIRE week with no wine! Whew Child!

Talking about living a Settlefree Life, Tony‘s not your typical journalist. He refuses to allow his brand to only report the news and provide entertainment celebrity interviews, he uses his platform to do Gods work to the fullest and he continues to keep God popular! He is the voice of reason that this world needs especially during times like this! His upbeat spirit, bright smile and genuine heart brings you a level of calm like no other. When I tune in, I instantly sense the presence of God and I know, that’s exactly where I need to be at that moment!

The LIT Journalist!
Journalist Tony Betton JR.

Tony Betton Jr.

I was so positively impacted by this fast that I wanted to share a few of the things I did along the way, and while I didn’t share my journey daily via social media, I knew I’d want to do a complete feature of this amazing fast, cleanse and person that brought me even more clarity as I continue to reach my greater purpose! As I continue to connect with like minded people who I respect, love and admire and who equally do the same.

So why is fasting important and how can you be successful and really feel and embrace the benefits of an intentional fast?

  • Plan the meals you know you will need! In order to refrain from being tempted to disobey the rules, you must do this! In other words, if the fast requires no meat then baby go stock up on your fish, veggies and soups for the entire week! This will allow you to adhere to the rules. Don’t go grabbing no sweets! You won’t need those right?? 👍🏽👍🏽

  • KEEP WATER IN YOUR PLACE! If you keep water at reach, then you won’t be tempted to grab that wine bottle and pour you a glass during the fast! Lol I also keep a bottle water in my car daily.💦💦

  • Talk to God daily during your fast! Pray, Ask Him for guidance and thank Him every day for positioning you for success! 🙏🏾

  • Tell others that you are fasting and invite them to join in. I know the Bible says fasting should be private between you and God, so remember you’re only inviting others so they too can experience the benefits of fasting, you’re not doing it looking for applause! Many times people fast but they try to do it alone and without the daily support, they many times fall off! No judgement, it happens but, if you do it with others your chances of completing it will be greater!

  • Please don’t focus on the weight loss part! PLEASE! I hear it so many times, “I’m bout to fast and lose some of this weight!” Quick reminder: “Fasting is encouraged for people any time they desire to grow closer to God and to exercise self-mastery of spirit over body.” So in other words dear, it’s bigger than just a lil weight loss. While that many times comes with fasting depending on the nature of your fast, you should be focused on the devine connection to God fasting provides.

  • BE INTENTIONAL! Again I repeat, BE INTENTIONAL! When we know what it is we want to achieve, we must speak on it. Being intentional means you actively interact and engage with your life. You are clear about the decisions you are making or plan to make. Going to God with a plan, seeking His grace and blessings is how you fast. He is looking at you to see if you’re willing to give some things up in order to move closer to Him, He wants to see your sacrifice!! Don’t just fast because everyone else is doing it too, fast with the intention of change for the better.

Now I could go on and on about how to fast intentionally, but I want to share a few meal/breakfast ideas with you. If you have a hard time eliminating meat, check out these meal suggestions.

stir fried in coconut oil
Fresh Spinach with mushrooms and shrimp stir fried

Broccoli stir fried with onions, mushrooms and shrimp.

A simple tea bag in hot water, in your favorite mug!

Veggie Omelet! Spinach, chopped cherry tomatoes, and you can add cheese when you fold it.

Baked fish, with shrimp, rice and a roll.

Spinach dip! My daughter makes the BEST!

Publix sells prepackaged veggie mixed bags seen in this photo.

I could go on and on with meals that can make fasting simple and that are easy to prepare. Stir frying has become my best friend!

During my fast, I realized that I can and I will do Gods work according to His will. I realized that I don’t have to get accolades from everyone to be considered relevant, God says I am relevant! I realized, Facebook ain’t all of that and I can definitely survive without it! Lol

I Also realized the value in forming life long, genuine relationships with God fearing people. Many times we don’t think people younger than us can be an example but baby let me tell you, God will use people to be vessels in your life that you never saw coming.

Tony I want to personally say to you, I am proud of you, I am pleased with your work! God is pleased with your work! I started watching your Instagram daily devotionals around the time you first started and I have never stopped watching. You are a true Journalist (Journal LIT’s) forJesus and what you have done and are doing is immaculate! Exceptionally great! I’m truly blessed to know you!

For my readers, I strongly recommend Tony’s Daily Devotionals on IG Live every morning at exactly 8 am, I swear he is never late! Tony has guests on daily who will in some way influence you, inspire you and empower you to be a better you! I always walk away with something I needed when I tune in! Thank you Tony! Thank You! 😘

My prayer for your life:

Dear God, and you have brought to us another one! Another man of God who you created to do great things! I pray for Tony to excel in every single thing that he touches. Lord I thank you for guiding me his way and I am so happy we crossed paths! Bless him abundantly and increase his territory! Grow His ministry in Jesus name! Amen!“ I am grateful for YOU!!

Thank you my friend!

To join his daily devotionals or just to connect with this awesome soul, Follow Tony on IG @tonybettonjrtv or visit his Website:

Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks,  With Best Regards.

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