The Key in Dating is Consistency! Dates Two and Three!

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

I’ve had a few people message me asking “Well, how are things going with the guy who took you out on a date?” Well Let me just say, Date number TWO and THREE have gone VERY well! Yessssss Huns, that’s right, He has asked me out two more times since our first date. I can’t tell you the last time a guy has done that! Being the Settlefree Dating Coach who helps women make wiser dating choices, it’s refreshing to finally get asked out on nice dates. Leading my Settlefree movement by example!

So where did we go?

Well.....Last weekend we went to the Martin Lawrence Lit AF Tour (his treat) and I had such a great time, it was FUNNY!!

The Tour featured Martin Lawrence, Rickey Smiley, Lil Duval, Lil Rel, Hannibal Burress, Adele Givens, DeRay David, Earthquake, Bruce Bruce, Michael Blackson, Donell Rawlings, B. Simone, Tommy Davidson, and Jay Pharoah. Lineup varied by city, but we saw most of these awesome comedians. Martin Lawrence has still got it! He talked about sex a lot, but heyyyy that’s his thang ! Lol

Then just the other night he took me to see the impeccable Marsha Ambrosius! She is the bomb! We had a nice table for two which he reserved in ADVANCE set up just for us, his name was even on the place mat!

I will share we haven’t even had the “So what are you looking for conversation?” We’re just getting to know each other and most importantly , building a friendship. One of the most important things in building anything is consistency! I’ll say that again....One of the most important things in building anything is consistency! This gentlema