Don’t Waste Your Pretty is a must see film!

Sometimes what you’ve been looking for, is right in front of you, you just need a little help finding it.

By Tinzley Bradford February 19, 2021

Single ladies!!! How would you feel if you got the guy you‘ve always wanted? If the man of your dreams looked you dead in your eyes and said that it was you he’s wanted all along? Would you be happy and feel it was worth it, or would you feel like it was a complete waste of your time?

I had the opportunity to attend the press release and chat with the cast of DON’T WASTE YOUR PRETTY a film Based on the eponymous book written by award-winning author and media personality Demetria L. Lucas. I’m sure all you close knit friends and besties out there will be able to relate.

The film tells the story of a group of close knit friends trying to sort out their unstable life and love issues. And I don’t blame them!! Sometimes you gotta sort that thing out! can‘t be out here just dealing with buffoonery just because. Make sure you are making wise love and life choices!