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Catch Me on TVONE “For My Man”

For those of you who follow me you know I’m a Relationship and Dating Coach whose all about Settlefree dating, making wiser choices when choosing your mate, and refusing to settle for less than you deserve within your relationships. I’m also a Journalist who loves to get and tell the story!

So you can only imagine how excited I was to contribute to this episode of the hit TV ONE crime drama show "For My Man" I enjoyed shooting with Jupiter entertainment! It's been said that love makes us to do some crazy things. Love should NEVER make you do crazy things! Love should add value to your life and you and your mate should elevate together!

For My Man is a Crime Documentary and Biography series that is currently running and has 20 seasons (96 episodes). The series first aired on September 7, 2016 according to IMDb. The crime documentary features the unbelievable and extremely shocking stories of women who are willing to go to great lengths, do anything , and who have been arrested for a crime they committed all in the name of love. Yes These women risk it ALL for their man!

From a killing spree across the mid-west to an inside informant at the DEA, these women have no limits as to how far they will go to support their men, leaving family members and loved ones left to mourn and try to understand why!

Ladies, if you're already in a relationship or dating someone building a relationship, I encourage you to pay attention to the signs to make sure you are with the right mate.

If you're dealing with someone who will manipulate you to do crimes in order to keep him, that ain't it! Please enjoy this episode of "For My Man" I'd love your feedback.

I have been speaking and offering coaching sessions about the importance of choosing the right mate and how important it is to never let a man cause you to lose who you are! I empower women to know their worth which is why I get so passionate when I see women really out here destroying their lives because of love.

If you’re in need of coaching and seem to have a hard time detaching from a toxic relationship or you find yourself falling for the wrong guys every single time, teach out to me for a free chat.

These ladies on “For My Man” unfortunately have had to learn the hard way.

It all boils down to weakness and insecurities.

I know there is nothing like feeling loved, wanted and desired by the right person. There’s nothing like waking up to the love of your life every single day and going to bed at night with him laying right beside you, holding you tight, protecting you, being your lover and your friend. But what could be so intriguing about a man that would make these once law abiding, descent women with their whole life ahead of them fall from grace? Is it the lifestyle? Is it the sex? Is it the mystery or is it just the fact that these women will do anything to keep a man so they won’t be alone? I don’t know, but I hope you never fall victim to being brainwashed by the man whose supposed to love you.

Ladies you have got to love yourself enough to never ever EVER allow love to make you do something dumb that will cost you your bright future. If a man asks you to kill….. RUN!!!

For those of you who are single and in search of true love I encourage you to pay close attention to the men that you choose. Look at how he treats you and pay attention to even the smallest things that make you question his motive. Don’t end up with the wrong mate just to say you got a man.

For those of you already in committed relationships I ask you today to evaluate your current situation. Is your man controlling, narcissistic or manipulative? Have you been asked to do things outside of your character just to please him? Are you happy and does he treat you good? If he ever threatened to leave you, how far would you go to keep him? Would you Lie, Steal, Kill?

Do a quick self check and ask yourself, What would your man make YOU do for love????

Tinzley Bradford is a Dating Coach and Journalist. She is the author of the popular book "The Settlefree Dating Method for Women"

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