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I Turned 50!

Wow! Just Wow! I’m really 50 now! Whew Lord! 😀

Today is my 50th birthday! Woo Hoo! Go Girl! With our new normal of Covid-19, I knew a lot of people wouldn’t feel comfortable going to an outing in a public place and I didn’t want to place that burden on all my friends, plus I wanted to keep the crowd small for Covid-19 precautions, so I celebrated my big day with a small intimate group of friends and family and it was just as fabulous!

50 is that age where many of us start to ask all types of questions and turning 50 is considered being over the hill, and for the single 50 year olds, we also begin to feel like we are too old to even think about finding true love. Yikes! 😳

But for me, I feel good and I darn sure look good and let’s just say attracting men is the least of my concern. What do Yal think? Ayyyyyeeee!

No turning 50 for me is something to be proud of. Yal know I will not settle for the normal negative chatter that people often associate with turning fifty. I was reading an article and the article reminded me of many of the things I already know about myself as I have began to age.

  1. I am less fearful.

  2. I am not afraid to have opinions.

  3. I know myself.

  4. I have a greater appreciation of life.

  5. It's easier to laugh at myself.

  6. It's easier to laugh at others.

  7. It's easier to take life less seriously.

  8. I have absolutely stopped caring what other people think.

  9. I don’t allow foolery in relationships or friendships.

  10. I stopped sweating the small stuff.

  11. I have a lifetime of wisdom to help me make wiser decisions.

  12. I am more at peace, Yasssss!

  13. I am most certainly less critical of my body and weight. If he doesn’t like it then he’s clearly NOT the one! BAM!

Fifty and FABULOUS ! ❤️❤️


Now yal know I’m not going to leave you out of the details of my 50th birthday celebration. At first I wasn’t going to do anything at all with Covid-19 continuing to surge and my recent duties of becoming a caregiver to my mom who has been ill, but I said I’m turning 50 which is a huge milestone and there is no way I’m not going to get up, get dressed, look fabulous and celebrate this amazing time in my life. I figure we just need to wear our masks, spread out, and as usual do all we can to stay protected while we were out, and that’s what we did. 🎊🎉🎁🎈❤️

Live Your Best Life Always!!

Me and my little grandson, he’s so adorable !

First, can we show a little commotion for this cake???? My daughter took the lead on this and it was so much fun because she would not share any details of the cake she chose no matter how many times I tried to sneak it out of her. It was a cake reveal for me and my guests and my daughter did NOT disappoint. The cake was BEAUTIFUL!

Next, How about this make up! My face was FLAWLESS! Now I typically get my face done by one of the best celebrity MUA in the business, Nickey Martin, but she was on an assignment and was not available, so I went with the next best thing…. Someone Nickey referred!! Now Yal know I can’t just have just anybody playing with my face! He He He! That’s right, I got slayed by Cierra Elise Beauty and all I can say is, I see why Nickey referred her SHE KILLED IT!! Yasssss Girlll! Yassss! 👏🏽

Okay soooooo where did we eat?? I chose Two Urban Licks and the food we had was fantastic!

I ordered The Rotisserie Chicken, Mac and Cheese and a side of collard greens and OMG! 😳 That cheese on the Mac and cheese was delicious and the chicken was huge and filling! I love love loved it! All my guests enjoyed their food which is always a success when inviting people out to a specific place. I don’t ever want my guest to not have an enjoyable time when hanging out with me!

Okay Okay so who hung out with me at my special 50th celebration? Just a small group of us. I had a variety of my buddies from the media industry, to the relationship and dating industry, and former co-worker and realtor and ofcoarse my family and yes, we were all masked and removed the masks for our photos a few times. 😊 😷

How about my look? Nails, hair, jewelry and outfit. Were Yal feeling my grown and sexy, not too much but just enough, gold and black themed look? So my nails were slayed by my daughter who is a nail tech and she hooked me up. Good job my dear, you made mom proud! She use the foils in a gold color to match my fabulous black and gold shirt. The nails were MOM APPROVED! Oh and my daughter has the ability to make house calls with her equipment which is great for those not wanting to be among large crowds in a public nail salon. That’s right, for a trip fee she will come to YOU! 😊😊

The hair??? The hair?? Can I see a little commotion for these inches?? Something I rarely do is have my hair this long because I’m always afraid of it being too much or looking unnatural, but for my 50th I wanted a different look so I let my stylist Anaiyah with Genuine Stylez have her way with my hair and for the first time ever, she did not need scissors! Can we say inches?

Okay what was I wearing? Well I actually kept it simple yet glamorous. I wore a black and gold Michael Kors snake print top and paired it with some items I already had at home. Ya girl

not about to be spending too much money, I gotta keep that savings growing. Ha Ha Ha

My shoes were by Bebe, they were snake skin with the gold straps and went perfectly with my shirt. The jewelry, earrings and necklace came from a few pieces I’d gotten from the Pink Purpose Collection a while ago I just paired them with my fit and they looked amazing!!

My gifts we’re soooo thoughtful, generous and kind. My people showed me some love!! Awwwww Thank Yal, I absolutely loved my cards and gifts.

Roses from my grandson ❤️

I think it’s safe to say my 50th birthday was amazing and I feel amazing as well! I’m loving who I have become and excited about who I’m becoming. I am so proud of all the things I have accomplished and I thank God for all the open doors, the connections and friendships both old and new, and for assigning me with a purpose that’s bigger than me and guiding me along the way as I walk in it. I’m still not settling for less than I deserve, sorry boys 🤷🏽‍♀️, I’m taking life by the horns and for me, the next 50 years will be just as fabulous!

I hope you enjoyed my birthday celebration inside scoop and thanks for stopping by. ❤

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