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OMG!! Dating Does Exist!!

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

BREAKING NEWS! I had a guy take me on an actual date!!!! Yes!! This is news for me! Ha Ha Ha! Many of you know I’m the Settlefree Dating Coach helping women make wiser dating choices by REFUSING to settle for less than they deserve and desire. So when I had my Ready for Love Speed Dating Mixer, it had been a while before I’d been on a fr fr date so this is a big deal!! 💥

So how’d he do it? Well first, upon first seeing me, he showed an interest by taking me to the side and saying, “Excuse me, but I just wanted to tell you, you’re a very beautiful woman.” I was like awwww Thank you.

A few days later he told me he plans to take me out to lunch one day soon. He mentioned a new Juicy Crab was opening near soon! I was like hmmm, okay sounds good.

Notice: He didn’t bombard me with senseless WYD Texts, or “Good morning beautiful, he was being “Intentional” in his pursuit of me and my time.

Finally, he approached me the following week and asked me “Do you like dance theater?” Of coarse I said yes. He said “I’m going to the Alvin Ailey Revealed show at the Fox Theater, and I’d love to take you with me!” I asked Do you have an extra ticket? He said, nope but I’ll buy us tickets if you accept! Needless to say, it was a pretty fun evening and the show was AMAZING! Our tickets included dinner on three different floors, I’m talking lobster cobbler, steak and a slew of yummy appetizers. When he showed me the menu from his phone, I said OMG, these tickets cost over $300. His response was “Sometimes you gotta spend that money!” Alright now!

I was almost in tears because, I haven’t had a man do anything this nice for me in years! I mean ever! This didn’t make me fall head over heels for this guy but it gave me hope that yesssss , dating does exist and yessss I am worthy! After dealing with a recent guy who seemed to only want to hang with me after 12 midnight, and hardly ever made time for anything else, this felt so refreshing. There are men who think highly of me! There are men who will plan something just for me! There are men who will invest in me? Wow! I was on cloud nine as I sashayed around that VIP lounge eating Lobster! Lol 😂

I won’t put this guy on blast, nor will I share whether or not there was a love connection, but what I will say is....Unlike many men today, he invested in something he wanted and I was very impressed with his effort. Oh and get this part, after the show he surprised me with the entire Alvin Ailey soundtrack CD from the souvenir shop simply because he heard me say I’d love to have that soundtrack during the show. Moral of the story... He planned something special for someone he found special and it ain’t a thang wrong with that! This guy gets 5 stars for bringing good old fashioned dating back! Treat her like a lady! Guys, women just want to be acknowledged and to feel like you really care enough about them to do something special! Never making time for a woman to do more than just screw, after claiming to love or care for her pushes her further away. If you believe she’s your dream woman then you must make the time to show her! Stop playing round out here! You want her, you like her, you claim you love her, then wtf you doing??? GO GET HER!!

Men I’m not expecting every guy who shows an interest in me to take me to a lavish play or expensive production or anything, its not about the money, I had no idea of what HE planned to spend! It’s all about the effort he put into giving a shit about our first date! I hope this blog post inspires a man to do more than text WYD?? ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ #Settlefree

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Caiden C
Caiden C
Sep 10, 2021

Very nicee post

Nov 25, 2021
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Thank you, I’m so Gilda you enjoyed it.

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