OMG!! Dating Does Exist!!

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

BREAKING NEWS! I had a guy take me on an actual date!!!! Yes!! This is news for me! Ha Ha Ha! Many of you know I’m the Settlefree Dating Coach helping women make wiser dating choices by REFUSING to settle for less than they deserve and desire. So when I had my Ready for Love Speed Dating Mixer, it had been a while before I’d been on a fr fr date so this is a big deal!! 💥

So how’d he do it? Well first, upon first seeing me, he showed an interest by taking me to the side and saying, “Excuse me, but I just wanted to tell you, you’re a very beautiful woman.” I was like awwww Thank you.

A few days later he told me he plans to take me out to lunch one day soon. He mentioned a new Juicy Crab was opening near soon! I was like hmmm, okay sounds good.

Notice: He didn’t bombard me with senseless WYD Texts, or “Good morning beautiful, he was being “Intentional” in his pursuit of me and my time.