Finding Time for YOU! How to silence the noise and put yourself FIRST!

Updated: Oct 30

A few months ago I shared with my fans and followers and those who peep in occasionally just to see how I’m ”DOING“ that I’d be taking a break from social media. And when I said I was taking a break I was not joking at all, I took a break, I’m still on it and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

Spending more of my time with the people who matter. Doing more of the things that matter to me. No longer filling my brain with much of the negative chatter, news and foolery that happens online.I like to call it, Enjoying life! Yes, that’s it....I’m Enjoying life!

Recently my daughter and I made a vow to add mini day trips to our life activities. We go to a beach every two weeks. Something not expensive, yet extremely rewarding both mentally and physically having to walk those Long beach strips. That sand is not a joke! Whew it’s like an anchor holding your feet to the ground as you try to maneuver your way through it. Ha Ha Ha 😆

We’ve visited two beaches over the last few weeks so far, Jekyll Island and St. Simon Island. No these weren’t over the top, preplanned, expensive vacations, they are just day trips. A full tank of gas and a little over a four hour drive. It’s one of the most amazing feelings, enjoying the beauty of Gods green earth, laying in the sun, listening to the ocean waves and giving myself a sea salt sand exfoliation. 😊😊

See you don’t have to do a lot of planning to have fun, just do It. No need to stress over hotels and what everyone wants to do, just jump in your car and take a sh