As Seen On HLN's "On the Story"

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Yay! Hey all my settlefree sisters and brothers, I'm stoked right now, I mean really stoked! Did you know ya girl was on HLN as a contributor the other day? Yesss I was contacted by a Producer from HLN which is CNN's's sister network, that's right I said CNN! They wanted me to come on a segment called "On the Story" with Anchor Lynn Smith, (Who was absolutely a joy to work with!) to share my views on a case about a single mom who lives in Florida, who was arrested for leaving her four year old in her car unattended while she went to a job fair. I'd been on HLN some years back as a singles moms contributor so it felt super awesome for them to remember me, reach out to me, and ask me to share my expert opinion as a single moms contributor! Many of you may not know but me being a single mom, I know all about the struggles that can many times come along with that! It felt amazing being asked to come on. (Mama I'm doing it!)

Live on HLN "On the Story" with Anchor Lynn Smith.