2019 50 Shades of Pink Gala "THE FUTURE!"

You all know I'm all about living a settlefree life and refusing to settle for less and thats exactly what these warriors, survivors and fighters are doing. Settlefree TV was so excited to be present to cover the 50 Shades of Pink 7th Annual Fundraiser Gala. The theme was "The Future!" It was a star studded event for an amazing cause, which is to raise awareness to breast cancer. The 50 Shades of Pink Foundation was founded by Dr. Jackie Walters. After Dr. Walters successfully beat cancer she wanted to give back and in 2012 held the first ever 50 Shades of Pink luncheon serving over 100 women. She is a two time breast cancer survivor! She is known as one of the doctors of the hit reality tv show "Married to Medicine."

The 50 Shades of Pink Foundation is a 501(c) (3), national non-profit organization. Dr. Walters is definitely refusing to settle and she kicked breast cancers but two times! She believes if you look good, you feel good, and ultimately “You Do Good”. She allows survivors of this disease to dress up and rip the runway in a fundraiser fashion show. They are not only walking for fashion and style, they are walking for their fight to win against breast cancer! How dope is that?

The mission is to treat the inner and outer beauty of breast cancer warriors by nurturing their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. In addition to continuing to meet the needs of the breast cancer warriors, there is a strong attention to building a strong and positive support system. 50 Shades of Pink Foundation knows that the entire family is affected and should be equipped to fight the battle together!

Me and Dr. Jacqueline Walters. ( Photo credit Jaire Richardson)

Dr. Jacqueline Walters and Kandi Burruss. (Photo Credit Jaire Richardson)

Dr. Heavenly and Dr. Jackie (Photo via Dr. Heavenly)

I had a chance to chat briefly with the Founder Dr. Jackie and first I had to show her some love and much respect for being a fighter and winning her battle 2X. I asked Dr. Jackie how it feels to celebrate the 50 Shades of Pink and to be here in the flesh after being diagnosed two times?

"This is always bitter sweet to me, you know. I think about the ladies who have transitioned into angels who walked with us at past Galas. I certainly think about the ladies who are still standing, so it's exciting. It's exciting and I'm relieved!" Dr. Walters said.

I wanted to know what she thinks about people who hesitate to get tested, whether it's because they are afraid, they don't think it could happen to them or what ever can cause them to put this off and what her advise is on getting tested.

"Early detection is your best protection. The earlier you find out, the better your chances are, so go get checked! Please go get checked." Said Dr. Jackie. I salute you ! WE salute you and thank you for all you're doing to make a difference.

Among the attendees was long time friend, supporter and patient, Kandi Burruss of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the hit musical group sensation X-Scape, owner of Old Lady Gang Southern Cuisine and the list could stretch 10 feet long of all the things she does.

Me and Kandi Burruss (Photo Credit Jaire Richardson)

I chatted with Kandi briefly and she thinks the world of Dr. Jackie. I wanted her overall thoughts about the gala, and her views on the importance of getting tested.

“I always tell Dr. Jackie she is like my ‘Shero’ She is the ultimate business woman, she is a survivor, she’s just so many things to so many people” And she is my doctor!”

"Breast cancer is one of those sneaky diseases that come out of nowhere, it’s something you have to stay on top off, and early detection is key. And much love to Dr. Jackie for bringing awareness to it” Said Kandi Burruss.

The venue looked amazing! From the decor, to the lights, the added touches and pink ribbons on the chairs. Check out these lovely pics shot by Jaire Richardon.

The gorgeous and talented host for the evening was former Miss America 1994 Kimberly Aiken Cockerham. She is also a breast cancer survivor. She believes that African American women are more likely to die from this disease. Many times it's because they have NOT gotten tested or they got tested and were misdiagnosed. This was the case for Kimberly. She was told in her mammogram nothing was found, but while performing her own self check, she felt a mass and it was later diagnosed as breast cancer. She encourages check ups regularly, but also recommends you check with your doctor on how to self check. This definitely saved her life and we're blessed she's here to tell her story. We salute you Kimberly!

Miss America 1994 Kimberly Aiken Cockerham. Photo (Credit Jaire Richardson)

Breast cancer definitely hits home for so many people including me. I was glad to catch up with Dr. Elijah Nicholas a Speaker, Author, Writer and Pastor. Dr. Nicholas came out to support the cause as his mother Mary Champine is a 12 year breast cancer survivor. He spoke about the importance of masculine identified women, transgender men and women and the entire LGBTQ getting breast exams. Many seem to think it doesn't really apply to them and this concerns him as he too is transgender and yes, he gets mammograms. Thank you Dr. Elijah for dropping that knowledge and many blessings to your mom for being a fighter and still standing!

Me pictured with Dr. Elijah Nicholas (Photo Credit Jaire Richardson)

The building was flooded with doctors in many different fields and I was so excited to chat with a few of them. I spoke to Dr. Jocelyn Slaughter owner of "The Healthy Woman" in Snellville and Lawrenceville. She spoke about how it could be in the genes and she had an aunt who had breast cancer which influenced her and her family to all get checked out. She also mentioned that asking for a 3-D mammogram is wise as it can pick up far better than a basic mammogram. Follow The Healthy Woman on IG and learn more about their upcoming screenings.

Dr. Jocelyn Slaughter owner of The Healthy Woman