"WOKE" Stevie Baggs Jr. Book Release! Don't sleep on it!

How conscious are you? No, really how conscious are You? What has society taught you over the years? Are you confident with the knowledge that you’ve obtained over the years? If you believe you could use a new perspective then It’s time to unlearn a re-learn what we’ve been taught to think is really true. Settlefree TV was happy to cover Stevie Baggs Jr. signing as he launched his book WOKE a Dictionary for the Conscious Mind, in Atlanta Georgia on Friday December 20th. 

Stevie is not new to this as this is book two, he authored his first book in 2014 "Greater than the Game!" a book designed to in help you break through any personal barriers holding you back. Achieve your greatness. Now he's back with another hit book and this book will definitely keep you from ever wanting to fall asleep again!