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"WOKE" Stevie Baggs Jr. Book Release! Don't sleep on it!

How conscious are you? No, really how conscious are You? What has society taught you over the years? Are you confident with the knowledge that you’ve obtained over the years? If you believe you could use a new perspective then It’s time to unlearn a re-learn what we’ve been taught to think is really true. Settlefree TV was happy to cover Stevie Baggs Jr. signing as he launched his book WOKE a Dictionary for the Conscious Mind, in Atlanta Georgia on Friday December 20th. 

Stevie is not new to this as this is book two, he authored his first book in 2014 "Greater than the Game!" a book designed to in help you break through any personal barriers holding you back. Achieve your greatness. Now he's back with another hit book and this book will definitely keep you from ever wanting to fall asleep again!

Stevie Baggs Jr. Is an Award winning Thought Leader, he’s a two time Author, Inspirational Speaker, Actor, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Brand Ambassador and get this Retired NFL & CFL football player. He is also President/Co-Founder of the CETA Foundation. You might just say he's a jack of all trades, but the master of ALL! Yes he's accomplished all these titles and has worn all these hats! There is clearly no stopping him, he's on a mission to change the way we think!

In his own words he feels "The only way to get people to not talk bad about you is to say nothing, do nothing, and be nothing!"

This new book WOKE, a Dictionary for the Conscious Mind" will give you a new perspective on how you need to retrain your brain and save yourself from the pitfalls of life that many of us have normalized.

It was quite a wonderful day downtown at his book release which took place at the Connaisseur Paris , an upscale mens shopping experience for a reasonable price! Tons and tons of supporters both men and women former football players, actors actresses, including actress Jasmine Burke from Saints and Sinners and Actress and comedian Cocoa Brown and upcoming Author Ryan King Scales came out to support his WOKE movement.

Actress Jasmine Burke

Actress and Comedian Cocoa Brown

Ryan King Scales Upcoming Author

Oh and he did not disappoint, rocking a tuxedo style royal blue and black blazer, a white collared shirt with black buttons and a black bow tie, and black pants, he presented a stellar speech as he called up a lot of his lifetime friends, colleagues and supporters, people who he’s known for years and who he wanted to personally thank for believing in and supporting his vision and adding value to his message. He's definitely capturing peoples attention in his new book WOKE a Dictionary for the Conscious Mind. One person said they started reading it and could NOT put it down, while another said, the book has helped him see things more clear!

He was joined by his beautiful and supportive mom, his lovely wife,  and his publishing company founder of 13th and Joan, Ghost Writer, Story Teller, and Play Wright Ardre Orie! 

Me with Founder of 13th and Joan Ghost Writer and Play wright Ardre Orie

Me with Stevie Baggs Jr.

When asked why he wrote this book he said " I am thankful for all the seeds that we've been planting over the coarse of all these years. Seeds to help cultivate the minds of our people." He continued with , " We can no longer just sit back and wait on someone else to save us, no we have to save ourselves and it starts with being aware. We have to unlearn and relearn the things we've been taught. That's where being WOKE comes in!"

He mentioned that his signing was not only the release of his book, it's also the launch of what he calls the "Woke Tribe"which he said the acronym he created stands for "Together Rebuilding Intellect Between Ethnicity" Preach Stevie! This is necessary as I have seen the decline in people truly educating themselves. There's hardly anymore reading, kids and young people these days would rather play on social media, or play video games than to read a book, so tribes like this one Woke Tribe Stevie Baggs Jr. has created, is important.

In his own words,

"An Open Letter to the Sleepers

You can only be awakened to follow your journey towards consciousness after acknowledging and decomposing the first accepted lie."

-Stevie Baggs, Jr.-

Get your copy of WOKE here:

Enjoy this photo album and make sure that what ever you do, do it with your eyes wide open, stay WOKE!

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