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Hello to all my Settlefree Sisters and Brothers out there! Aren't you tired of feeling like you aren't thriving? Tired of feeling like you're stuck in an unhappy place and there's just no way out? You owe it to yourself to   live an abundant life! God wants us all to live life abundantly! We are the only ones stopping ourselves from reaching our greater purpose! Don't YOU want to get to that place that you know you were meant to be? You have to stop allowing the bad people and behavior in your life and take the lead of your own destiny!


I want you to be in a happy place in your love life by paying attention to your mind, body and soul and the things you allow to enter into them. You don't have to settle in your love life or in any area of your life. Go ahead, connect with me and let me help you live a settlefree life today!

Tinzley Bradford , Founder

2017 Achi Award Orator of the Year winner

2018 Unsung Heroine Award Recipient

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"Tinzley is the epitome of self confidence and she wants to share that with other women"

-Quincy Sheldon host of the 2 Q radio show