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I want to share my message and help single moms and women make wiser choices when choosing their mates. I truly believe God has given me a gift to educate women by changing the way they view themselves hence changing the way they view what having a healthy fulfilling relationship should look and feel like.


I offer insight on the importance of not settling for unfulfilling relationships which I believe can often lead to drug abuse, depression, abusive relationships, prostitution, sex trafficking, mental illness and self-hate. Over the years, I’ve seen so many broken women who just can’t seem to get unstuck and many of them have become this way after being in a bad or abusive relationship. I’ve seen people with so much potential become drug addicts, prostitutes, criminals, abuse victims, and many become mentally ill, insecure, and no longer have any get up and go about themselves and they have just given up on hope.


I write because I want to heal women who are broken, who have been lied to, taken advantage of, mistreated, used and abused, misled. I want to be that voice of reason outside of your spiritual connection that gives you the courage needed to overcome ALL obstacles, bad or abusive relationships and self-esteem issues. I’m here to inspire, I’m here to encourage, I’m here to share, I’m here to not only help you learn to love yourself enough to not settle, but to love yourself period whether you are in a relationship or not.

I want you to know it’s time out for settling for mediocrity, and not wanting better for yourselves. I want you to know that no matter what your past or present situation may look like, there is hope…. You Are More! Book me to empower your peers at your corporate or social business networking event TODAY!

Tinzley Bradford

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Because you are more!

A beacon of life and hope not only for single mothers but for all women! Tinzley’s Settle-Free Dating Method will SET YOU FREE!

Tinzley is known for her no non-sense advice for single women. The Settle-Free Dating Method is more than just a dating guide...This is a way to conquer your relationship life and make it fun, healthy and spicy so you get the love you deserve! Because YOU ARE MORE!

Available Today!

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The Settle Free Mixer was fabulous. … I would like special kudos to go out to Tinzley Bradford and the amazing panel! The topics discussed were great and the feedback from the attendees was good also. This was the second one I've attended, and I look forward to attending the next one. They are very informative and refreshing!

The DJ complimented the event very well and the food was OUTSTANDING — quality, preparation, presentation & service.

Congratulations to another great Mixer. Thank you!

—  Attendee

       Avis Maclean


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer business coaching?
What is Settlefree Life?

A Settlefree Life is when you make a decision to no longer allow anything negative or immoral in your life. You make better decisions in relationships, friendships, finances, career choices, health and life. You refuse to settle with anything that doesn't bring you joy and peace.

Yes I do. I not only help broken people get out of a bad, painful place in life and learn how to stop settling for less, I also help aspiring entrepreneurs start and reach their business goals.

How Do I Know I'm Settling?
Do you offer one on one coaching?

You know you are settling when you're  unhappy with where you are in life but you do nothing to change or improve it, or you're in a toxic unfulfilling, unhealthy relationship, yet you stay in it. That's settling. 

Yes I do. You don't have to join my group coaching sessions. I offer one on one coaching sessions to make it more of a personable experience for my clients.

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