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Lifetime Presents Death Saved My Life.

Sometimes Only Death Can Save You! Read That Again!

By Tinzley Bradford February 10, 2021

On Saturday, February 13 at 8 pm est, the world will get a chance to witness a movie that will have the hairs on the back of your neck standing up. A Ripped From the Headlines Original Movie, “Death Saved my Life.” The movie will make its debut on Lifetime and I’m here to tell you, this movie will not disappoint.

Settlefree TV had the opportunity to pre-screen the movie and attend a virtual press conference with the cast of the film, Meagan Good, La'Myia Good & Chike Okonkwo to learn more about their roles and what to expect.

From the outside looking in, Jade who is played by actress (Meagan Good) has everything any woman would want.

She’s beautiful, she has a successful career in marketing, a well known husband who people adore and respect, and a precious daughter whom she and her husband loves dearly.

But behind closed doors lies every woman’s nightmare, Jade is living with an abusive narcissist. Her husband Ed played by (Chiké Okonkwo) is a controlling man who is physically and psychologically abusive to Jade and finally, she gets the courage to take her daughter and leave him. Might I add, this guy makes you want to just smack him in the film!

Now those who know me know, I am not here for no mans foolishness and I refuse to settle for mistreatment or abuse of any kind. So when Jade dipped, I was all for it! I‘m going to need all you Queens to pay attention to the signs. I don’t care how much money he has, I don’t care how well liked in the community he is, I dont care if he’s fine as ever, If he is a narcissist who is abusive both physically and mentally,

HE GOTS TO GO!! Don’t settle for that!

So Let’s just say this did not sit well with him to learn she was leaving him because of his abusive and controlling ways and he eventually tells her, "If I can't have you, nobody will.” We all know what a statement like that usually means. Guys this is for you. If you start to feel like you want to control and ultimately harm your mate, you may need to seek help. Love does not abuse ANYONE EVER! Check on your mental health!

Actor Chiké Okonkwo

Shortly after Jade discovers her husband has hired someone to kill her so she fakes her death to make him think he had accomplished his mission, but what he doesn’t know is that his life is about to become a living hell!! Now I’m not going to give the movie away you’ll have to see it for yourself.

Photo Credit Meagan Good Instagram
La’Myia Good and Meagan Good

It was pretty dope chatting with the cast and one cool thing about this movie is Meagan Good and La'Myia Good are sisters in real

life so watching them interact at the press conference and seeing them cast as sisters in the movie was super cool. This movie is a true eye opener for anyone who is in an abusive relationship hiding behind closed doors.

This Movie is based on real life events and sadly there are men out there who don’t get the help they need and who eventually become abusive because they have been keeping things bottled up for so long. Then you have the women who love them and many unlike the character Jade, they don’t look for a way out nor do they escape they just look for a way to try to cope with it. Check out the question I had a chance to ask La’Myia Good and see her and the casts reaction:

The movie is produced by Jarrett Creative. Executive producers are Julie Insogna Jarrett, Seth Jarrett and Meagan Good. Seth Jarrett

directs from a script written by Barbara Kymlicka. The film will air as part of Lifetime’s popular Ripped from the Headlines slate.

Death Saved My Life premieres Saturday, February 13 at 8:00pm ET/PT on Lifetime. Make sure you set your alarm and watch this amazing film!

Tinzley Bradford is a Dating Coach and Journalist. She is the author of the popular book "The Settlefree Dating Method for Women"

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