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Cousin of Tupac Shakur, Aiyisha T. Obafemi Writes Book in Honor of His Legacy and 50th Birthday!

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Aiyisha T.Obafemi

If you don’t know the late great Tupac Shakur a.k.a. 2Pac, then you’ve been living under a rock! Tupac was and will always be one of the greatest rappers to ever grace this world and grace the mic! He has and continues to influence the black community through his music, his lyrics and his artistry. He empowered others to be great and aware! The world just celebrated the birthday of the legend, he turned 49 on June 16th. This was the day the news of the book in progress was announced! Yay!!

Tupac Amaru Shakur

I had the honor of interviewing his cousin, Aiyisha T. Obafemi who is no stranger to the business herself. Aiyisha is an entertainment executive with 30 years of expertise working with high-profile clients across the music and entertainment world. She is also the Founder/ CEO of The Blue Nile Group. She has created effective marketing and branding campaigns. She shared with me that her passion for music began at a young age when she traveled the world with her mother who was a singer with Miriam Makeba and Nina Simone. Wow!!! Need I say more?? And if this isn’t impressive enough, there’s more! Check out our IG Live chat here:

Aiyisha T. Obafemi

Aiyisha joined Disturbing Tha Peace Records in 2001. Disturbing Tha Peace Records is a recording label owned by renowned entertainer Ludacris and his business partners, Chaka Zulu and Jeff Dixon. Her role has ranged from Video Commissioner to Marketing Director and Chief Operating Officer.

I wanted to know what inspired Aiyisha to write this book about her dear cousin and our favorite rapper Tupac? Her response was she wants to ensure that the full impact of Tupac’s influence always lives on and that it’s still here.

For me and I’m sure many will agree, I don’t think Tupac’s impact will ever die. He was the greatest to ever do it and I think the idea to honor him in such a way by writing about his life and legacy is profound. He was a poet, so writing was huge for him and very dear to him.

One of the many things that stood out in our talk was when I asked Aiyisha what we can expect in the book? Of course without giving away all the details, I was excited to learn not only will she share her own experiences growing up with the rapper, but we will get to hear from other people who knew him and we all know, this could lead to us learning even more interesting things about Tupac, we never knew. Imagine who the contributors are going to be?? Imagine some of the intriguing things we will learn about him? I don’t know about you, but my inquiring mind wants to know!! Im in suspense! As if he’s not already interesting enough. I mean let’s keep it real, Tupac had this way of drawing people in and leaving us yearning for more. I admit I had a crush on him!! He He He! This should be great and I am eager to read it. I’m sure the world is eager to read it!

Aiyisha also serves on the board of the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation. Click here to learn more

With the current state of the worlds racism and hate crimes, I mentioned to Aiyisha I know Tupac would have been very vocal and outspoken about the police brutality and injustice happening right now in the Country. She agreed and said Tupac played a huge part in getting people to think deeper, he sparked our brains, influenced many to question what’s going on in this world. Not to just sit and watch, but to speak up. Tupac definitely spoke up and was the epitome of “unbothered!”

The book is going to finally give us the inside scoop we all have been waiting for, it will tell us more about their family and where they came from, what they stand for. I think she said it best “We stand on the shoulders of giants!” (Aiyisha T. Obafemi). Yes you sure do Aiyisha and we are here for it!

The book will be published by 13th and Joan Celebrity Ghost writer Ardre Orie.

Stay tuned!

A little bit more about Aiyisha T. Obafemi,

In her role as Chief Operating Officer and Marketing Director, Aiyisha provides a structured platform for creative idea sharing, establishing a direct link between executives and staff, drive improvements to the brand’s product and service offerings and produces integral marketing campaigns. Aiyisha also holds an instrumental role as part of the management team for Ebony Son Entertainment of which Ludacris is the marquee client. 

Currently based in Atlanta as the CEO of her own company The Blue Nile Group, Aiyisha ties together all of her skill sets. She offers consulting and manages a few clients. Aiyisha will always represent a lineage of strong and intelligent women. Her greatest accomplishment to date is raising twin daughters who are blossoming into powerful intellects.

Author, Entertainment Executive Ayisha T. Obafemi

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