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“It’s Never Too Late to be SettleFree” My Interview with Matchmaker Suzanne Oshima

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

See full recopied post below from the amazing Matchmaker and Dating Coach Suzanne Oshima! Thanks so much for having me Suzanne!

Click Here to see original post from Suzannes website

For those of you who follow my journey about living a Settlefree life and dating Settlefree style, you know I take this extremely seriously!! Settlefree is a lifestyle PERIOD! Settlefree dating and everything. It’s all about refusing to settle for the things and the people in your life that do not help you to grow or advance!

In a recent podcast interview with Suzanne Oshima, I talk about how even now, after living a life of putting yourself last, or dating jerks who never appreciated you, or settling for bread crumbs in a relationship, you can say “no more” and begin to stop settling for less than you deserve and turn your life completely around! I swear the moment I realized my worth, I stopped begging to be loved and started loving myself more! See complete post below and click the links to see full video podcast.

Do You Have Swinging Vine Syndrome?

Years and years ago, I had a best friend whom I’ll call, “Christine”.

Christine was beautiful and fun to be around…it was never a dull moment.

Whenever we would walk into a party, every man would turn his head and follow her around the room (what’s that like?! I wouldn’t know…hahaha!).

Men were always vying for her attention and she always had her pick of men.

While that sounds like a wonderful problem to have…Christine had “swinging vine” syndrome.

What’s that you ask?

She would go from relationship to relationship with no down time in between.

She wasn’t selective enough and would end up in relationships with men, who either weren’t good enough for her, or wouldn’t treat her right.

Don’t Accept Crumbs!

It made me sad because she would stay in the unhealthy relationships way too long and accept crumbs from the men, only because she was afraid of being alone.

I would always try to be the supportive and protective friend who would tell her she deserved better, but deep down inside, her insecurities held her back and stuck in unhealthy relationships.

While she was my best friend, I just couldn’t relate to her in that way because I was the exact opposite when it came to relationships.

I was either in a healthy relationship with an amazing man who treated me with love and respect…or I was single, having fun and living my best life!


Because I won’t accept crumbs from a man and neither should you!

If you want to find out how to be settle free when it comes to dating and men, then join me on my amazing interview with Tinzley Bradford, Author & Dating Coach.

See original write up the full interview here:

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