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Settlefree Lifestyle is What I Do!

Check out this recap from my 4th Quarterly Settlefree Mixer. I'm living a Settlefree life!

Welcome to my new blog post! Yay!! Woo Hoo! This is the first post on my newly designed website currently still under construction, but if you know me, you know I'm still going to blog whether the site is ready or not! I feel it's important to share updates about my business, the latest trends, news about me, and more to you my amazing readers.

I’m sooo excited to share this success story with you all! As you may already know I've had 3 Settlefree Mixers so far and this past Saturday made number 4! So about October 20, 2018….. It was my 4th Quarterly Settlefree Mixer and all I can say is IT WAS PHENOMENAL!!

So what is the Settlefree Mixer you may ask? I created The Settlefree Mixer/ Movement to empower and influence people to refuse to settle for less in love, life, finances, career choices and friendships. See for me, life is only what you make it so why not make it great! This is definitely a movement, and I'm making it known that if I'm not happy with it, I will NOT settle for it! That's just the way it is sweetie! Living life on MY terms! No more asking for permission to be great!

My theme and colors were gorgeous as I had Impeccable Designs by Faith décor, Rent a Flower Wall, and Styled by Royal Fudge Styling.

I was so honored to have the panel, host, special guest, caterer and attendees I had.

My host was the impeccable Chere Turner a talk show host and an actress. She was a shining star at my mixer and kept everyone entertained. Trust me.... she WILL be back per my request! Loved you much Chere!

I wish I could have my entire panel back again, we have unfinished business to discuss. We discussed some important relationship questions. Are women too unapproachable? Should a woman ever propose? Do men want the benefits but no commitment? We also discussed Why is building your financial future so important in Love, Business and Money. For the first time, I honored a Settlefree Lifestyle recipient Lateka S. Carter recognizing her for refusing to settle for less despite all the obstacles she’d gone through and today using her pain to empower others through ministry and film. Isn't she lovely? Congratulations Lateka!

Lateka S. Carter Settlefree Lifestyle Honoree 2018

My relationship panel consisted of a few of the best in the business.

· Dr. Oliver Reid (Your Solution Coach)

· Tenisha Bibbs (Beauti Coach)

· Tommy Duncan

· Marquita Johnson( Millennial Dating Coach)

· Harralyn Swinger Rawls (Domestic Violence Advocacy Specialist)

My lovely mom Gloria Bradford A.K.A. Mama B shred her story as well

My Love, Business and Money segment had

· Lynita Mitchell Blackwell ( Leadership Champion)

· Trelles Delandro (Lady Finance)

Finally, My amazing performers:

· Cammie Tappin ( Lights, Camera, Cami)

· James Worthy ( King James Worthy)

· Yecheilyah Ysrayl ( Author/ Poet)

What have you been settling for lately? Have you just accepted an unhappy relationship? Are you just working for a check and you’re no longer happy with your job? What about your finances? Are you settling for being broke and broken? Are your friend’s motivators or haters? Does your family seem like a distant memory lately? Let me tell you something, if you’re not happy in all areas of your life and you’re not doing anything about it then you’re settling!!

I’m not going to do a big fancy introduction I’m going to get right to it. I know many of you might be asking what does she mean when she says live a Settlefree life? Well let me fill you in on this life changing way of life that will have you feeling like there is NOTHING you can’t do, like there is NOTHING you can not accomplish and like there is NOTHING you can’t overcome.

Living a Settlefree life is when you make the conscious decision to finally stop settling for basic, or mediocre, or with whatever someone brings your way, or even whatever life brings your way, Settlefree means you are no longer acting in the same manner that you once acted when things were not making you happy, when things were not bringing you joy, when things were not fulfilling to you, when you were not living in your greater purpose or walking in your greater purpose, when you were allowing certain behaviors in your life that you know we’re not good for you! Do you see where I’m going with this?

Don’t you dare miss my 5th Settlefree Mixer which will be going down in March 2019.

Follow me at SettlefreeTV on Instagram and Tinzleyb on Instagram

Special shout out to my photographer Relle Godwin of Let’s Get Relle , Gumbo Sapmson Productions for videography.

All my Sponsors:

Kelvin K Chill Harris- Chill Zone Entertainment

Kimberlee Slaughter- Kims Ala’Carte

Briana Jazmin- Briana Jazmin Creative

Literary Korner Publishing

John Osgood –Golden Professional Realty

Bold Favor Media Group

Shaquanna Chappelle –Confidence Coach

My awesome vendor ChicDesignz

Emjoy the video recap and photos below.

Visit Amazon and get your copy of my book “The Settlefree Dating Method for Women”

Article by Tinzley Bradford A.K.A. The Love Mama!

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