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"Sinners Wanted" A Must See Film By the Jenkins Brothers!

Photographer and Blogger Relle Godwin, Author and Media Correspondent Tinzley Bradford on the red carpet at the premiere of "Sinners Wanted"

About Saturday (May 18th) SettlefreeTV was present at the red carpet premiere of "Sinners Wanted." This is a must see new film about an unconventional pastor who is scrutinized and judged by his hypocritical congregation after he rescues and falls in love with a prostitute. Now those who know me know I'm all about refusing to settle for less than I deserve and I influence others to do the same. One thing I never settle for is a judge-mental person. The bible says Judge not lest ye be judged! You don't get to choose who someone else wants to love. I had someone ask me "What if it was a male prostitute outside and a woman pastor fell in love with him and took him in?" My response was well then that's just what it is! I mean did they expect my stance to change? When you have been given an assignment, you have to follow those steps in that order even when it doesn't seem to make sense!

Me chatting with Pastor Jamal Bryant Photo Credit Relle Godwin

Giving Pastor Jamal Bryant a lil birthday hug!

New Birth Missionary Baptist Church held this premiere and this was also a celebration of Pastor Jamal Bryant’s birthday, who is also an ambassador of the film and also one of the Executive Producers. (We hope Pastor Bryant had a


The film stars:

Lamman Rucker, Clifton Powell, Traci Braxton, Ashley Rios and Kenneth Wayne, the film is written and directed by Joshua and Jimmy Jenkins, (The Jenkins Brother), with Tressa Azarel and Pastor John K. Jenkins as the executive producers.

Me and Lead actor Kenneth Wayne. Photo Credit Relle Godwin

Me and lead actress Ashley Rios. Photo Credit Relle Godwin

“Sinners Wanted” follows Leo Shepherd Played by (Actor Kenneth Wayne), a young vibrant and might I add very handsome minister from Macon, Georgia, who relocates to Washington, DC, for an opportunity to pastor Grace Community Church. On the first night of getting to know the congregation, he meets a very attractive prostitute named Ginger Clementine Played by (Actress Ashley Rios)known as GiGi.

Leo just like most men can not control himself and is immediately attracted to her as she reminds him of his mother. He see's something more than her beauty however, he sees an opportunity to love her through her flaws and painful past. They begin to grow closer and their feelings develop. The church finds out about the relationship and immediately has concerns about how detrimental this woman is for the church's image. Even though the church congregation harps on GiGi's past and tried to convince the pastor to end the affair, Leo continues to pursue GiGi, falling deeply in love and then finally, he asks for her hand in marriage. Their decision to get married turns out to be a very toxic situation and reveals both Leo's and GiGi's pasts. It also sheds some light on the judgmental church board members pasts who ironically felt they could judge even though they all clearly have a not so bright past.

This film will make those who thought they had sins that could be justified re-think the idea of passing judgement on anyone as we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Stop walking around here acting like your crap don't smell because we all know it's potent!

On this shot, Lamman Rucker, Ashley Rios and Kenneth Wayne, Directors and Writers of film, Joshua and Jimmy Jenkins, Tressa Azarel Photo Credit Relle Godwin

In this shot Executive Producer Tressa Azarel, Actor Clifton Powell and Actor Kenneth Wayne.

The Directors "The Jenkins Brothers" are happy to announce that “Sinners Wanted” opens in Atlanta AMC theaters May 31st-June 2nd. Tickets are now on I suggest you make this a girls night out, Boys night out or even a congregation night out! Don't miss this amazing reminder that a sinner is a sinner and no one gets to judge them but God! I loved how the minister refused to settle for a critical church and chose to go with his heart. There is always a reason for everything, never forget that!

Check out the video trailer and photos below.

Link to trailer:

Tressa Azarel Smallwood, Ashley Rios, Kenneth Wayne,  Tray Chaney (The Wire/Saints and Sinners), Pastor Jamal Bryant, Chanita Foster, Dennis L.A White, among others walked the red carpet.  Immediately following the screening, there was a panel discussion featuring Lamann Rucker, Clifton Powell, The Jenkins Brothers and more.

“Sinners Wanted” opens in Atlanta AMC theaters May 31st-June 2nd. Tickets are now on

Check out the video trailer and photos below.

Link to trailer:

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PHOTO CREDIT: Courtesy of Relle Godwin of Let's Get Relle!

Video Clip Courtesy of B the Buzz!

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