"Sinners Wanted" A Must See Film By the Jenkins Brothers!

Photographer and Blogger Relle Godwin, Author and Media Correspondent Tinzley Bradford on the red carpet at the premiere of "Sinners Wanted"

About Saturday (May 18th) SettlefreeTV was present at the red carpet premiere of "Sinners Wanted." This is a must see new film about an unconventional pastor who is scrutinized and judged by his hypocritical congregation after he rescues and falls in love with a prostitute. Now those who know me know I'm all about refusing to settle for less than I deserve and I influence others to do the same. One thing I never settle for is a judge-mental person. The bible says Judge not lest ye be judged! You don't get to choose who someone else wants to love. I had someone ask me "What if it was a male prostitute outside and a woman pastor fell in love with him and took him in?" My response was well then that's just what it is! I mean did they expect my stance to change? When you have been given an assignment, you have to follow those steps in that order even when it doesn't seem to make sense!