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I’m super excited to have this amazing opportunity to give you the gift of self-love and self-confidence. I’m very happy to empower you beautiful angels with the confidence you need to no longer allow bad behavior from the mates that you choose. I want you to be in a happy place in your love life by paying attention to your mind, body and soul and the things you allow to enter into them. I want you to feel good about yourself and not be made to feel you’re socially awkward if you’re single which is easy to do in today’s oh so judgmental world. I’m here to remind you that You Are More than your circumstances.

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A beacon of life and hope not only for single mothers but for all women! Tinzley’s Settle-Free Dating Method will SET YOU FREE! "AND YOU WANNA SEE MY FEET" was the book based on the popular lifestyle blog by top relationship coach Tinzley Bradford. The quirky name of her blog came from an unfortunate encounter from one of her many pursers who wanted to judge her worthiness based on her feet when he wasn't even up to her level to himself. Tinzley is known for her no non-sense advice for single women. A single mother herself, she's the daughter of a single mother and the mother of a single mom and for her the cycle ends now! The Settle-Free Dating Method is more than just a dating guide...This is a way to conquer your relationship life and make it fun, healthy and spicy so you get the love you deserve! Because YOU ARE MORE!

Change the behavior...
Change your life!

Benefit from Tinzley's SettleFree Dating Coaching Method
Dating does NOT have to be complicated anymore. It’s time out for settling, it’s time out for the bad behavior and acceptance of mediocrity just so you won’t feel alone. It’s time to hold ourselves and these guys accountable and flip the script a bit. No more excuses! No more being a fool for love! Speaker, Author, Dating Coach and Media Personality Tinzley Bradford has evolved the "NEXT" method that will help you not to settle just for anything but make you feel more confident with yourself and date the right way. Tinzley has a passion for advicing single ladies and is available for events, conferences and private gatherings to enlighten on SettleFree Dating.

Wear Your Crown the Settle-Free Way

Don't Go Backwards

Start Prioritizing Your Own Happiness

Don't Be Afraid to Remain Single

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After reading Tinzley’s book, you’ll either say, “I do… or NEXT!” Either way, it’s a must read for anyone looking to date the right way.

Nando Rodriguez

Nando Rodriguez

Talent Branding Specialist

Tinzley is the epitome of self-confidence and she wants to share that with other women. For far too long, so many women have allowed men to dictate their happiness and Tinzley says “enough!” Her “NEXT” approach can help so many women avoid wasting their time. It’s all about focusing on finding the right man instead of trying to change someone into the right man. A lot of women get caught up in that dating abyss that leaves them perpetually single and heartbroken. Women who read this book need to truly take it to heart. If they apply it accordingly then they will find themselves happier. I guarantee it.

Quincy Sheldon Show

Quincy Sheldon Show

Host of the Talk 2 Q Radio Show

Miss Tinzley brings her advice from blog to book! Yes, yes, yes! And you wanna see my feet? I have long enjoyed my colleague Tinzley Bradford’s no nonsense advice. Here, Tinzley gently guides the reader from a place of love, support, and with her own extensive knowledge and experience. If you’re looking for an advice guide that will tell you what you want to hear instead of what you NEED to hear; this isn’t it. Tinzley gives it to us straight up, no chaser: I’ve read many blogger turned author projects and they are not always successful. However, this book works. It is a thoughtful and comprehensive guide. A really cool benefit is that after you read the book you can reach out to Tinzley vis social media where she is always accessible and ready to support her readers and fans.

Abiola Abrams

Abiola Abrams

Empowerment Coach & Speaker, ESSENCE.com columnist, Author of "The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love"

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