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The Anatomy of a Celebrity Breakup: Understanding the Factors that Lead to High-Profile Splits

Hey yal, I thought I'd write some updated content because I felt like it! In todays post I'm going to shed some more light on the factors that lead to celebrity breakups. These factors can also be the same for non celebrities as well.

You know at weddings how the couples are asked to repeat their wedding vows which usually goes like this, "I ___, take thee, ___, to be my wedded wife/husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part?" Well it seems to me that people are no longer waiting for death to due them part, they are just splitting up when the going gets tough, or in my opinion, they are splitting up because they were never truly meant to be together in the first place maybe????

So I'm sure yal are familiar with the relationship sagas that have been unfolding right before our eyes between celebrities. From Jeezy and Jennie Mai to Will and Jada, from Wendy to Kevin, to Tamar and JR, ( and for those two, I don't get meeting a mate on a reality show and expecting it to be taken seriously or even last for that matter!) In todays world, there just doesn't seem to be any real substantial relationships left. Celebrities are breaking up then turning right back around and re-coupling in extremely short lengths of time. Is it safe to say many celebrities are co-dependant? I mean how and why are you breaking up and then within months , sometimes weeks, you're already getting ready for marriage to someone else AGAIN???? It seems they just have to have somebody to feel whole or relevant!

Jeezy ,Jennie Mai , Will Smith, Jada Pinkett, Wendy Williams, Kevin, Tamar Braxton, JR

Even non celebrities are calling it quits and one can only wonder why? Why are so many people wasting each others time? Why are so many people so eager to be "booed up" and miserable? Why are so many people SETTLING for less and getting with just anyone all in the favor of "looking like a happy home?" #Settlefree

Why are so many people not in real alignment with each other, yet they are out here getting married, being in committed relationships publicly and out here walking the red carpet together and doing the "Hollywood" thing with people they don't even truly love nor are they happy with? I'll tell you why, in my opinion it's cause they are FAKE and deep down inside they lack peace! People are only doing things with a motive behind it and there is no real love or loyalty present! See when you're at peace your love life will also be at peace.

Now I won't dive too deep into what my own personal opinion is about the details of these failed unions because its really none of my business and frankly it's not important, but I will say it's unfortunate that people, even people who are filthy rich, still can not find real joy within their relationships or better yet.... within themselves? (That Part Right?)

In my opinion, everyone in the entertainment industry wants to be deemed that "Power Couple" who they believe everyone wants to be like, but for me..... I see right through it. If I'd written a blog for every new "couples" alert and my true feelings about it, I could have been told Yal none of these relationships were going to last! There are so many unhappy people with cameras on them that it's unheard of!!

Don't think we forgot about Yal JLo and Alex , Kanye and Kim, we see Yal out here breaking up knowing in the beginning the love was never real and chances are you were hoping to be be deemed hollywoods next "hottest couple!" Right? I mean Jlo, what were you even thinking? You know you didn't want that man!

I must say however with all the celebrity breakups currently going on and that have gone on, I can't help but to be a bit invested in the Tyrese Gibson and Samantha Lee Gibson break up and nasty divorce/custody battle. The Fast and Furious actor and Singer publicly expressed his opinion that his ex is only after money and not love, which prompted his ex, Samantha to share her side of the story, where she claimed "the wrong people in her ear" made her file for divorce. Now none of us will EVER truly know what transpired between the former couple, but I must say when you have your own and you have truly healed, do you really need $20,000 per month in spousal support? She just admitted that outside influences made her file for a divorce and now she wants Tyrese to fund and help her maintain her lavish lifestyle? I was kind of suspicious of the couples chemistry years ago when Tyrese went on his social media page and gave his then wife, Samatha the most extravagant, lavish, and romantic DATE NIGHT I have ever seen done publicly. The distance she had between him was undeniable and it kind of made me mad. I mean this man just went above and beyond for you on a public platform and you couldn't put your differences aside for a minute to love on your man? Or did you actually love him? I'm just saying!

Photo cred, E-Online.

As a dating coach and a single mom, I have been scrutinized countless amounts of times by licensed and clinical therapists as well as married people who would question my knowledge as a dating coach because of the simple fact that I'm single. Here's the thing, I may be single, but I'm happy from my head to my toe nails. Can I ask yal therapists something? Why am I single and happy and many of these these married couples are married and miserable? Has it ever dawned on you that many times single people are patiently waiting to make the right relationship choice so that we DON'T end up in divorce court? Maybe us singles have mastered the art of learning how to love and enjoy our own company to the point where we don't have to be booed up all in the favor of appearing to have it all together in our relationships or making it appear as if we have this happy home that everyone seems to desire?

For those who know me, you know my message is and has always been living a settlefree lifestyle and practicing settlefree dating by REFUSING to settle for less than you deserve so that you can make wiser choices when choosing your mate. People are marrying for so many of the wrong reasons and I'm going to provide a few factors in which I believe contribute to these high-profile breakups.

So what are some of the factors behind high-profile breakups? The below bullets are my own opinion, but my opinion is usually spot on so don't doubt it. He He He!

  • They marry just for publicity and status quo. Then they realize they aren't that into each other the way they thought they'd be able to fool themselves into thinking they were. Yep believe it or not, even though we many times may believe celebrities or rich and famous people are confident in their own skin and are happy whether they are married or single, that's not the case. Many of them feel they need someone with a big name, who they believe everyone loves and admires so together they will be that "Power Couple" everyone so badly desires to be. The truth is, if you're getting with someone for all the wrong reasons, I don't care how rich or famous you are, it won't work and you'll eventually be divorced.

  • They are really in the closet/ on the down low so they get married to hide "The Real Them." Yes I hate to be the barrier of bad news, but there are tons of celebrities who are not truly in love with their mates because they are attracted to the same sex. The thing is, they have benefited off of appearing to be straight for so long and they are afraid to be exposed so they fake it by getting married. The whole time, they are unhappy and so is their spouse. Here is my honest opinion on that, what's done in the dark will eventually come to the light. Many times, they spouse already suspects or knows about the down low lifestyle, but they continue to stay for convenience and to avoid public humiliation or embarrassment. This creates resentment and unhappiness throughout the duration of the marriage and eventually divorce.

  • They aren't physically attracted to each other anymore hence cheating begins to happen and ruins the marriage. That's right, people are married, but get pleasure elsewhere because unfortunately the person they chose to marry ain't doing it like they really want so they are heading elsewhere for sexual satisfaction. The thing is, when you are a high - profile celebrity, you just cant expect to cheat and not get caught! I mean look at Offset an Cardi-B for example. He cheated multiple times and each time he was outed and had to beg his way back into Cardi B's life, she allegedly even filed for dovorce once. I must ask, why was he cheating so much? Was something missing at home? I'm just saying. Either he's a nymphomaniac who needs therapy, or he ain't happy with Cardi B. I predict this couple will be divorced eventually, they just staying together for now because it's good for business. Don't let cheating couples who are still together fool you, because they certainly don't fool me! Offset is not happy, that's why he cheats... PERIOD!

  • One of them is more talented and popular than the other which creates low key competition and jealousy amongst them. I'm sure this is no surprise, Hollywood couples are often more times than not in secret competition with each other. When one celebrity feels the other one is doing better and always getting book for big box office movies or large platform interviews and all you get to do is sit at a red table everyday and interview folks, it can cause resentment and jealousy in their marriage. It's important to marry someone who is your biggest fan and who is confident in themselves no matter who they are married to. Marrying someone who is not already happy with themselves is a huge red flag because they will be looking at you for happiness and if you're off working cause you're constantly booked and their not, they will feel less than and a divorce will be coming your way real soon!

  • They marry because it's good for business. I'm just saying Beyonce and Jay-Z, it's cool and all if you're strong enough to stand the tests of time and if you're both able to make it work all for the greater good, thats great, but this doesn't mean you're going to be happy. It just means together you'll both be hella rich! There are tons of couples who get together for this reason and this reason alone. Money may not be able to buy love, but money sure does increase the chances of finding love. Love however, decreases the need for money. When you really think about it, having plenty of money as a couple decreases your daily sadness because naturally you can do whatever you want, eat whatever you want and go wherever you want, oh and bills are NEVER an issue because you can buy whatever you want. In my opinion, if you're interested in truly being happy in your marriage, your partner should not be a means for your success, but one with whom you share joint flourishing with. In a nutshell, have your act together, he needs to have his act together and together yal will thrive!

  • They married the wrong person. Yep this happens more than not. Celebrities will marry someone they didn't even want just because being rich, famous and married looked better than being single.

  • They are narcissist. That's it, many celebrities are rich, famous, they seem to have it all and it's all gone to their heads and they have become narcissistic. They are famous now so they feel the need to be the topic of everybody's discussion. They want everyone to like them and admire them. They only care about themselves , the way they look and the way the person they choose to marry looks. They might act good in these movies, or perform good at their shows, but many of these Hollywood superstars are HORRIBLE to deal with in real life, just HORRIBLE! This takes a toll on their marriage as their spouse many times never knew this side of them existed and are suffering every single day in that marriage. Imagine being married to a famous actor or entertainer who is everyones favorite on television, but in real life they are a living hell? Then on top of that, they refuse to let their mate out of the relationship because they don't want it to make THEM look bad! This is an unfortunate reality for so many celebrity couples.

Whatever you do in life please make sure you are taking your time when choosing a mate before marrying them. I don't care how much money someone has, as you can see with all these celebrity breakups, money is not the only thing that keeps you happy. Love, commitment, patience, understanding, selflessness and a genuine heart are a few of the things one must hold in order to be a good mate in a marriage.


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