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I could watch Nicki Minaj performing on her Pink Friday 2 World Tour everyday!

Updated: Mar 25

"I wish that I could have this moment for life" That's the hook to one of the Trinidadian rapper, writer, actress and singer (Onika Tanya Maraj Petty) A.K.A. Nicki Minaj's hit songs. And this verse is perfect for how I feel watching Nicki Minaj living her best life on her sold out Pink Friday 2 World Tour. (Featuring Monica) I wish I could be in the building for life because she is an amazing talent which explains her 15 plus years in the rap industry. She has given us nothing but back to back hits and new music for years and her fans and sold out tours are here for it!

Word on the streets and all over the Internet is that the hip hop beauty is crushing her Pink Friday 2 World Tour and so far has sold out all states since her first stop in Oakland! You better shut this universe down Queen! #GagCity baby!!

From her mixture of dope attire to the backup dancers, her dance moves, the crowd participation, her vocalist and choreography, to her amazing yet down to earth stage presence and Ofcoarse her lengthy catalogue of her greatest hits, we just can't get enough.

She's performing old music, new music and a boatload of collaborations and features, and it's just breathtaking! I'm in Atl and let's just say March 21st can NOT come fast enough! Peep a few of the images below, I hope she doesn't mind that I got these photos straight from her Instagram page. 😊

Can you say STUNNING? If you can't I will....SIMPLY STUNNING! Look at those visuals, the colors, that production is everything! Nicki has been on the top of the rap game for years, and despite being snagged constantly for a Grammy, she remains the best female rap artist out there! Sorry, not sorry!

So how does she do it? I mean with all the negative press she often receives and the array of competition from other female rap industry hopefuls, how is Nicki Minaj still the Queen of Rap to this day?

I will tell you how; it's because from day one, I believe it was 2004, she came into the rap game with her knee on all the other rappers necks and she came to win, she came to be the BEST to ever do it, just like the late and great Muhammad Ali who often chanted "I'm the greatest in the world!" Nicki came in chanting "I am the baddest b--th and I want to be better than all the other female rappers. I want to be better than Lil Kim, I want to be better than Remy Ma, I want to be better than Foxy Brown, I want to be better than Trina and the list could go on and on. I can honestly say with absolute confidence, she is definitely the best! Her star power is unmatched.

See when you have stories to tell, when you have bars to spit, when you write from the core of your gut can't NOBODY discredit you, the proof is in all those records she's put out, all those dope collaborations and features she's done, her diversity and ability to cross over, she is one of the most versatile artist out there and has put out music in all the below categories, if you can't believe, head on over to Google and check it out for yourself!

Nicki Minaj has done, Pop, I.E. "Starships" Alternative Rock, RNB, I.E. "No Love" Electronic Pop, Bachata, Reggae, House, DanceHall, Alternative Hip Hop, Electronic, Pop Reggae Fusion, Trap, K-POP, Latin Pop, Latin Trap, Drill, Hip Hop/Rap, and even Gospel.

Can you say multifaceted!!!!!

Why does Nicki Minaj have such die hard fans? In a world where being cancelled is at an all time high and I personally have seen this happen to so many famous people in the music industry, being cancelled is the least of Nicki Minajs concerns. I mean I'm sure there may have been times where it looked like she was being cancelled due to all the online hate that seems to often find her, but when I tell you her fans don't play, I mean they do not play when it comes to Nicki Minaj. It seems Nicki really touches her fans souls not only through her music, but through her energy. If you truly take the time to observe Nicki, she is so sweet and loving and loyal to her fans. They cry with her, they laugh with her, they defend her and will go online and destroy someone over her I mean don't come for Onika Tanya Maraj Petty (Nicki Minaj) unless she comes for you because if you do, the BARBZ will have your ass for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and don't forget dessert! 🤣😂 Her fans don't sleep until they know you've been humbled!

Whew, gotta love it! This explains the envy Nicki Minaj receives and I can see why, she is a triple threat! She don't miss!

Oh and did I mention during Call of Duty's celebrating 50 years of hip-hop, Nicki made an appearance in "Call of Duty" the game, she literally, don't miss, BAM! Just thought I would add this to her already long list of accomplishments, might as well right? 🤷🏽‍♀️

So why am I a loyal fan? I view Nicki as a spiritual woman who knows her worth, she is confident, she is extremely influential, she don't take no crap and she is very sweet. She talks to God a lot. She knows who holds her hands. She is also one of the hardest working women in hip hop I have ever seen! That inspires me.

But like me, she is often misunderstood and many times disrespected and mistreated by either people she once trusted or people she believed were genuine connections. I can definitely relate to that and just like it appears she doesn't, I don't keep people around me who have wronged me or who have become a frenemy. This is why in my opinion, Nicki Minaj end's relationships with certain people so quick. She can see through the BS!

Because of all her talents, her consistency in making great music and just the fact that she is Nicki Minaj, she gets alot of hate. I'm just going to call a thing a thing. When you come into an industry and you dominate the way she has dominated, folks will get mad when it seems like no matter how hard they try to compete, they just can't compare. Then the hate train starts.

So yes, I have been a fan for many years. And even though I'm not all online posting everyday all day about Queen Nicki, I support in my own unique way. See I'm not only a Journalist, I'm a Dating Coach and the Author of "The Settlefree Dating Method for Women" a No Nonsense advice guide to remind you that you are more!" I influence women to reach their greater purpose by refusing to settle for less than they deserve in life. I have always viewed Nicki Minaj as someone who refuses to settle for less than she deserves. She is very no nonsense and will put you in check ,eat you up and leave no crumbs! See I'm not one of those fickle , flip flop fans who jump on the bandwagon and one day they love her then the moment something happens, they hate her along with everyone else. I'm a true fan since day one when she entered the scene in 2010.

I wrote a book back in 2015 and in my book, I have a chapter where I mention and reference Nicki Minajs verse in the song "No Love" where she collaborated with artist August Alsina. In the song Nicki was making it known, you not bout to treat her like some trash on the streets and you will not front as if you not feeling her, she demands her respect in the song. I love it. Them bars Nicki spit was FIYAH!! " Oh and yes my book cover is pink as I was inspired by Nicki Minaj Pink Friday back in 2010. See below?

I don't lie!! 😘

"You can't treat me like you treat them

Yes, I am the crème de la crème

Yes I am from one to ten, ten

You fronting in them streets, keep saying we just friends"

Hate her or love her she ain't going no where! Pink Friday 2 continues to climb the Billboard Charts and recently made it to number 26 which is outstanding for the Billboard 200.

In addition to music, Nicki Minaj recently launched her press-on nail brand "Pink Friday Nails" and the buzz is loud and we all know the BARBS will order them all until they are completely out of stock. 😆 you just gotta love the BARBZ.

In an article from FOX NEWS2, Nicki said,

"When I became a mom, I couldn't spend as much time getting my nails done as when I only had to worry about me, so it became a necessity to create fly, QUALITY press-on nails," said Nicki Minaj, Founder of Pink Friday Nails. "I told my team when we started Pink Friday Nails that if I don't want to wear them, I'm not going to even ATTEMPT to sell them because our customers aren't stupid. Pink Friday Nails are the ACTUAL nails I wear designed by my ACTUAL nail tech. And I have VERY small nail beds, so normally press-ons are way too big and don't hit the same. Our nails come from short to the longest length I wear, in ALL shapes, all sizes, and polishes."

Nicki Minaj is a true example of hard work, passion and determination. She can't be stopped and guess what, we don't want her to.

Now, I don't know if Nicki Ninaj will ever see this article, but I did a rap tribute to Nicki and I can't leave you all without paying my tribute to Queen Nicki. Don't judge me on my rap tribute, we all know , there can only be ONE Nicki Minaj, and I am not trying to compete.

I'll see Yal at the Pink Friday 2 World Tour in Atl!

Thanks for stopping by.

UPDATE, I Attended the concert! It was AMAZING!

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