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6 Things to do when single on Valentine’s Day

By Tinzley Bradford February 14, 2021

Surprise roses and balloon from my daughter ❤️

Today, I got a knock at the door and the lady on the other side said it was a delivery. I was thinking hmmmm, I didn’t order anything but I remembered earlier my daughter told me she’d be stopping by so when I hear the phone ring, just buzz her in. Well I heard it ring but it wasn’t her, instead it was a delivery of some beautiful roses and a balloon from my daughter for Valentine’s Day. Awwwwwwwww I stood in complete awe of her. My daughter loves her mommy, and I couldn’t be happier!

Some people seem to think there is just no way single women can truly be happy while single especially on days like Valentine’s Day when couples are all over the world going off loving 🥰 on each other with marriage proposals, special gifts, rose pedals all over the place and surprise acts of love. Do you realize that love is love? And when you have the kind of family loving on you like I do, anything else is a bonus.

This made me think 🤔. My daughter knows I’m still single yet again on Valentine’s Day, I know I know it’s hard to believe right, I’m so gorgeous but yeah I’m still single. Ha Ha Ha So what did she do? She showed me some love 💕, she surprised me with roses and a balloon, she made me feel even more special than she already makes me feel constantly spoiling me with lovely Christmas, Mothers Day and birthday gifts.

I had already planned on doing something special for both her and my grandson and this motivated me so I wanted to share 6 things you can do when you’re single on Valentine’s Day!

Heres the special clip of the delivery for your soul:

Surprise a loved one or friend with chocolate covered strawberries.

Showing love to someone else is one of the most rewarding feelings. Even though they know you love them, what better way to show them even more than by doing something special that they simply weren’t expecting! For me, I ordered his and her chocolate covered strawberries. They came packaged in these cute little boxes and I chose blue and a little red colors for my grandson and pink and red for my daughter, but you can choose what ever colors you want. (Don’t worry, I’ll share where I ordered mine from below.) Aren’t these lovely?

Oh and I even got a treat and the owner threw in a special box of strawberries just for me as an unexpected gift to me. Awwwww! Do something special for others on Valentine’s Day!

(I ordered mine from @kims_a_la_carte on IG)

Have a Valantines Day Zoom or video chat with your girlfriends. With the need to social distance, this will be a fun thing to do. Some people are calling it “Galantines Day” and for guys, I’m calling it “Palantines Day” you like that don’t you? Palantines Day! Ha Ha! Plan to have some of your favorite foods or snacks, your favorite wine or beverage, that girls just want to have fun energy ready or for the fellas, have that ayyyyyyeee we in here energy ready. You can dress up or down what ever you feel. Yal can share some of your dating nightmares and how you know you dodged a bullet or you can share some of your most passionate love stories. I tell you there is nothing like good laughter with your friends, try it for Valentine’s Day!

Treat yourself to your favorite meal. Order that steak dinner with the bomb sides. You can either have it delivered or go pick it up curbside. I tell you there is nothing like induldging in a yummy meal that tastes like it was sent from heaven! This is one of the ultimate Selflove moves, and because you’re single there’s no debating on what to eat or where to go, you get to choose what you want! Get a dessert too Heck, why not? Go ahead, eat, drink and enjoy your singleness! Cheers to you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Work on that project you’ve been meaning to finish. One of the most beautiful things you can do for yourself is finish something you really love that you started. Valentines Day can be whatever you want to make it. Sure the tradition is couples showing their undying love for each other with fancy gifts, candle light dinners, and even couples massages, but hey you’re single so do what makes you feel good on this day. Love is actions, and your actions can be finally finishing that thing. Congratulations 🎈🎉🎊 Happy Valentine’s Day Queen!

Create your own Netflix and chill day! That’s right, choose an array of movies you plan to watch. Get your popcorn, candies and other goodies and just enjoy a day of dope movies you’ve been wanting to check out. If you’re a hopeless romantic, maybe you can select a few love stories and smile as you visualize yourself there someday, but don’t get all sad, enjoy your single status as love will eventually find you if it’s meant for you. Or if you feel safe and you and them are virus free, you can invite one or two of your girlfriends over and Yal can watch a few dramas or action pact movies. I swear there’s nothing like a good laugh with a few of your friends to take your focus off of just the fact that you’re single. Whatever you do, enjoy yourself. Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️

Dress up and remind yourself just how badass you are! That’s right, I said it. Put on your best outfit, that bomb smelling fragrance, them

stilettos or those thigh high boots, some fancy jewelry and celebrate how amazing you are. A while back I treated myself to some XSavage Fenty and I’ve been waiting for the right time to wear it. So guess what I’ll be putting on today? Yesssssss That cute lavender little bra and panty set in the photo below. You might be single, but that doesn’t mean you ain‘t fine sis! There is no one else like you. You are extraordinary, unique and you have made it so far, you should celebrate that. Take some selfies and just gloat on how bad ass you are! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sis I know there are so many people who feel like single people just can’t be happy. Single people are not wanted or they can’t keep a man but I’m here to tell you that you are not defined by your relationship status oh and just like Hallie Berry said’ “What makes people think you wanted to keep the wrong man?” BAM!

Happy Valentine’s Day Queen!

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