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To Have and To Hold: New OWN TV Series Follows Married Couples Around Charlotte NC!

OWN TV (Oprah Winfrey Network) Has a new show in town well not here in the ATL but it's in Charlotte NC and it's Juicy!“To Have & To Hold: Charlotte” follows real married couples with real challenges, from financial stress, to issues with intimacy, to the ups and downs of parenthood. SettlefreeTV was present at the press release luncheon held at 'The Gathering Spot' in Atlanta and let me tell you these couples are not only fly, but they keep it 100% real! (I'm ready for me a husband!)

The entire cast wasn't in attendance , but you know they're not going to spill all the tea at one time, so you gotta watch the show for yourself premiering at 10/9 CT Saturday June 1 on none other than OWN TV!

The room was packed with some of Atlanta's finest journalists and media including me (Yay!) and we chatted with three of the couples cast in the show. The Socialites, The Dinks and The Empty Nesters! Wondering what the nick names are all about?? Tune in to find out!

Alane & Yandrick Alane, a hair stylist, and Yandrick, a Senior Consultant and entrepreneur, have been married for 15 years. They have four children and are constantly juggling the difficult demands of family and their careers. The pulse of Charlotte's social scene, they are connectors, always have a full calendar and are the nucleus of their large circle of friends. (OWN TV)

Christine & Darhyl Christine, a senior communications consultant, and Darhyl, a wealth manager, have been married for 10 years and seemingly have it all – from their 6,000 square foot lake home to fancy cars to every other bell and whistle two successful 30-something's could dream of. But there's one thing that's missing. While Darhyl's wants to start a family, Christine isn't quite ready to settle down and, no doubt, all this "baby talk" is clouding their future. (OWN TV)

Ursula & Clinton Clinton and Ursula (who were both previously divorced) gave love a second chance and have been married for 13 years. With their combined four children all grown and out of the house, these empty nesters are ready to reclaim their relationship. But as they figure out their own definition of "the good life," Clinton (a Senior IT Architect) is content with whiskey and cigars while Ursula — who was a teenage mom and recently became a nurse practitioner — is ready to fulfill her own dreams. (OWN TV)

During the luncheon the couples were very candid about a few of their struggles and shared a few tips on how to make your marriage work and last! We all know how reality TV has been known to tear families apart and when asked the couples shared their best advice. The Empty Nesters spoke on the importance of knowing each other well and being confident in your relationship enough to not allow the petty to interrupt the love they have for one another. "Don't listen to the negative Nancy's or that one auntie who always has something say , yet she doesn't have or can't keep a man trying to tell you how to keep yours!" Said Ursula Clinton.

The Dinks said "Listen to your partner and be willing to do what's needed to make it work. If your spouse tells you something is bothering them, don't get defensive and ready to fuss, listen to them and ask yourself what can you do to make things better and make your spouse happy?"Said Christine.

The Socialites"You're going to have challenges and everyday won't be perfect but you have to be willing to let the love over shadow the challenges and work through it together!" Said Yandrick.

WOO CHILD! Listening to these awesome couples motivated me to know true love is coming my way soon and I will be ready following these tips from these winning couples! I couldn't agree more , you have to be willing to do the work to make sure the relationship doesn't fail because that's what everyone else wants to see! I see way too many couples who simply don't understand the value of a true union so they allow the noise around them to stunt their decision making and commitment to their spouse and the ultimately split up. 'To Have and to Hold Charlotte' is not just some drama filled TV show with wine glasses flying no this is all about showing what happens many times in the married life. I loved how the couples viewed this as an opportunity to pretty much show us that even through the storms, love never fails. They also show us how they are dealing with this every single day! The struggle can be real at times!

Me with a few of the awesome cast members. The Empty Nesters, The Socialites, and the Dinks. Heyyyy Yayl!

It was nice to watch how down to earth these couples are which shows us exactly what we're in store for on the episodes. They really go through the ups and downs and yes there are some heated moments, shhhh I can't share the tea, you gotta tune in Saturday June 1st at 10/9 ct.

Enjoy a few photos in my gallery below and take a look at my You Tube Clip to see what question I asked the couples and their answers. Yessss it's the tea right here on SettlfreeTV!

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