To Have and To Hold: New OWN TV Series Follows Married Couples Around Charlotte NC!

OWN TV (Oprah Winfrey Network) Has a new show in town well not here in the ATL but it's in Charlotte NC and it's Juicy!“To Have & To Hold: Charlotte” follows real married couples with real challenges, from financial stress, to issues with intimacy, to the ups and downs of parenthood. SettlefreeTV was present at the press release luncheon held at 'The Gathering Spot' in Atlanta and let me tell you these couples are not only fly, but they keep it 100% real! (I'm ready for me a husband!)

The entire cast wasn't in attendance , but you know they're not going to spill all the tea at one time, so you gotta watch the show for yourself premiering at 10/9 CT Saturday June 1 on none other than OWN TV!

The room was packed with some of Atlanta's finest journalists and media including me (Yay!) and we chatted with three of the couples cast in the show. The Socialites, The Dinks and The Empty Nesters! Wondering what the nick names are all about?? Tune in to find out!

Alane & Yandrick Alane, a hair stylist, and Yandrick, a Senior Consultant and entrepreneur, have been married for 15 years. They have four children and are constantly juggling the difficult demands of family and their careers. The pulse of Charlotte's social scene, they are connectors, always have a full calendar and are the nucleus of their large circle of friends. (OWN TV)